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Monday, 5 March 2012

Dream LOG 05/03/2012 ONWARDS!!!!!!

I have decided to keep a dream log on the ones I think are important for not only me.

There are so many I have already had but the fact that I have had them and they have come to pass already does not provide anything solid now. BUT the ones from this day will.


Dream 04/03/2012

I dreamt last night about a Baby. Who was coloured im unsure where from?.... sat with green leaves ( someone who has been in the harvest time yet no blossoms, they have past as the greenery around them means they have seen growth in their walk, leaves signify autumn and that comes after summer season so this person has been through the seasons and was winding down..They will have had many blossoms in the past and many flowers. The leaves where on the ground so they had fallen from the trees.. Trees signify in the bible people so this could be connected to them and their fruit. this could signify the people this man has helped... he bowed his head in the leaves...  So this person was someone who loves the people and relies on them also. They were all around him... but He was by far ahead of them spiritually... As the leaves where only on the ground... it was also like a hedge around them in a sense but it only covered the lower part of him....He may even need to have his head covered more.. meaning His spiritual walk covered more, This baby was sat up and there was something to do with curses etc and this child. It may be significant with what I discovered this week with regards Sudan and Uganda... Im unsure yet ( I will come back to ths also and interpret more by the LORD.)

PRESIDENT OBAMA came to me not long after. It may well be HIM?

Next to the child was a small  fish. Like a slightly longer than normal gold fish. Its colour was Light was attached as key ring to only ONE KEY that was in a small tub of water. This fish was dead.  ( key symbolizes authority- fish a soul/person) This tells me of a death of someone or a soul in authority in the Kingdom of God. They have some authority but not lots.... The water is emotional or cleansing of the Holy Ghost.)... The water was encased by this tub... so the water was contained as was the fish and keyring. The water was clean... This is without doubt the HOLY GHOST and cleansing.... I will pray and find out more from the Lord.  When I found out what the relevance is I will be glad to share here :) And if anyone reading this understand this circumstance.. Please comment here... The Lord will be glorified. Thanks

Love Lisa

Dream Log


I dream that a friend mine sent a text to a few people.. This is what the text said. The Tornado is coming... I got the impression she was referring to my little boy. I was very miffed and said How dare she call my son like that! what is she trying to say.

UPDATE: Tornado hit Dallas 5/4/2012


This is a very powerful dream... I was walking by the sea shore with another person a male.. unsure who He was but I was close to Him. We could not get to the sea as we turned the corner and I saw a huge wall of silver fish.. It was so big all the fish were the same colour. Silver is the colour of redemption. The fish we not only at the shore but the sea was covered in them too. They were all dead. This is a double barrel meaning. One is spiritual... This is souls...billions of them spiritually dead.. so many people without Christ. The Lord was showing me that His people.. billions upon billions need saving still... also It was a foretelling have a natural disaster. I knew in my heart that it was both...

I have just seen on the internet that a huge amount of fish has been washed up in the Maldives I shall post the link...

Now it has already happened in the natural world... Just as I saw in the dream.. but there is double barrel meaning. I know this through wisdom. How important the times are right now. How important for people to accept the truth because without Christ its over. Without Him there is only eternal life in hell. Not where God wants any person to be NOT ONE! There were Billions of them.. enough for me not be be able to get through the wall that was so high on the seas shore... The sea covered in them also.. all throughout the sea. The sea represents the world's knowledge,  the place of where people are. I give you an example. I dream of a stormy sea.. My life generally goes through a time of great testing and turmoil. It has a lot to do with the spiritual side of things also.So all theses people have a mindset that is not correct to truth. The mindset of the adversary through deception. they are being robbed and deceived beyond what I can describe here. It was so sad and I feel As I type this my Fathers sadness at the amount of people who have been shown the truth yet still chose to ignore it. If only they knew what was to come. There is such an urgency with this.. My father wishes that non should perish NON.

I command anyone who disbelieves what has been said to wake up in Jesus Christ Name!

 In Jesus Christ name I command that the spiritual scales have now been lifted of their eyes just like it did with the Apostle Paul. I pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the deep and inter-mate knowledge of you. Having the eyes of their heart flooded with light so they know the hope to which they are called. Ephesians 1:17-18, Amen.

DREAM 27 rolling into the 28 April 2012

I had a dream of  a speed boat and I was part of the navy or armed forces. I sensed it was protecting the countries boarders or country from attack. Just like you have air space and no  fly zones for countries... This was our sea space....There was a chase against the another speed boat. These boats where part of the war ships because I heard the word warships. This was letting me know that It was connected to the Armed forces and not just simple coast guards etc. The boat chased the other speed boat and as we arrived at a certain part in the ocean there were many more boats on the enemies side that had been hidden and we had driven right into them.  They were secretly there. I'm unsure whether it was an ambush but the fact that they were all circled tells me that it was an element of surprise and I had sensed it was English talking. So England, USA, Australia and any other country could be connected here. BUT I WANT TO SAY USA. The other party was foreign and HOSTILE. secretly in the seas they shouldn't have been. I didn't manged to get this up til April 29 2012 Sunday as I was out all day yesterday and didn't get back till late.. I cant seem to see anything as yet and have prayed but haven't had answers so we shall SEE!


10- going into11 May 2012

I had a dream last night. i did ask for one from the Lord and He gave me one. I'm putting it up here because One even though I know it is personal to me.. the Lord does so much more and there may well be a double barrel meaning. So it is going up anyway. I understand what It means to me. But it may well be happening somewhere soon. There was a women, a child and a male.... on a boat... the boat was in a storm. it is being rocked and getting really rough outside yet they are unharmed inside. They are getting slightly scared as the boat increases in it rocking and toss and turning. I remember looking out to the right side of the boat. This boat by the way wasn't a small boat but quite big. I saw huge amount of water... not dark in colour but frothy and it has been really stirred so to speak so it was like the whitish light blue.....and it was about to enter the boat from the side... as if the sea outside had risen... and at that point I was fearful. I instantly huddled together with the child and the male... and I said Psalm 23.... here goes....

of David.

1 The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
    he refreshes my soul.        
He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake.
Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.
        (I got to about here and BOOM... everything went calm!)
You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
Surely your goodness and love will follow me
    all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord

So as I only got to the fourth verse and all went calm. God is so GOOD! He was reminding me personally that when they dark one throws anything in my way. In this case... old symptoms trying to come back on me from a very serious illness. Its not so much the symptoms all though that's bad enough but the emotional turmoil attached to it! Like I said the water was NOT DARK... just stirred whitish- light blue.. you know the type you get when you see it washed up on the shore you know it been tumbled over and over and over. That type! So that is a clear indicator that it is not at all serious... its emotions.... is all... They are normal BUT as a trained professional in the ways of the Lord I must regain them at all times. Walk in spirit not in soul!. And it is so doable..... especially theses days but only when the WORD is spoken!. I said that the water was at the side this is significant, you cannot see it head on what ever is coming but it is at your side view so it is not fully shown where the turmoil comes from it tries to attack from the sideline... dark ones tactics all over he cannot fight head on. he has NO POWER!  It appeared that we are about to be engulfed in the water and capsized, over taken to drown  in the BIG BOAT that we were in BUT the clear message from God here is all I need to do is speak the word of God. And INSTANTLY there was calm. That's how powerful Gods word is spoken in FAITH... Believing GOD and over riding fear!

This is quite personal. BUT I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. And I know people will be learning from this so I don't at all mind sharing here. I have put it up for two reasons one just said and the other could well be a double barrel.. I am still learning myself and in the past I have judged thinking it was just for me and found it actually wasn't. So that is why its going up here today. There may well be this type of thing go on in the natural. I will certainly be praying for the people just in case! I keep you posted. God Bless


Important dream concerning the Nation of the United Kingdom. I saw a sequence of Helicopters all with the Union Jacks painted so the whole helicopter was painted in the Union Jack colour. That respresnts the UK obviously!
 They were in sequence as you would get with a flock of Birds.. They were flowing with the breeze of the air. This signifies the HOLY GHOST. I know that this is prayer warriors and prophets, me one of them. The Lord showed we were in flight.. for the UK... And that is exactly what has been going on.. or just beginning. The nation needs intercession and prayer BIG TIME. How wonderful this dream was. I heard and felt the lord tears on the Queens Jubilee for His nation and people. The ones who are blind and in the dark ones camp. So praise Jesus Christ for this dream to affirm His commission to pray with the HOLY GHOST to intercede for this nation.

26 June 2012... I saw an apartment... like looking for new home. In this apartment was other peoples bits they had left, Pans, pots, Furniture etc... On top of the fridge was a load of bits then hidden under that were two big rotting FISH. The Fish were crossed over BUT ROTTING and dead. They had been there a long time... There was no smell from them.. so it wasn't polluting the place. But they had been hidden there for a great length of time. I believe I know the person this is about.. And i pray In Jesus name that they sever the soul tie so they can move on to wonderful times in HIM..

5 April 2013

I dreamt of a young man Good Looking Charming.. Louring BEAUTIFUL girls to i heard PERU... on trips hes deceitful charming.. he gets them there and then TRAFFICS THEM> sex TRAFFICING. I have prayed.

6 APRIL 2013

I was on a promenade  I felt is was the UK as I saw the JOB CENTRE HUGE refurbished massive building. as if ready to transfer and move into. ( this tell me its in the distant future as there are changes going on NOW in the Government and JOb centre. I saw Planes Big ones... 4 of them Nose diving to the ground all crashing... as They crashed I heard MIGHTY RUSHING WATER.... this water was the sea.. it was flooding everywhere. It over took all land...... I was running with my son who said mummy why havnt we been hurt I said because GOD IS WITH US> i saw a man run past me saying run quick we were getting to the highest point we could. I will come back and explain much more. its just to record it now. OK THanks :)

The four planes were principalities and powers smaller ones being taken down NOSEDIVING there assault on me ended. (it was a wild time this last two years i can tell you)

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