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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Jesus greetings 26 Dec 2014

God bless you this festive season... JESUS the true reason for this time. Even if our calendar isn't correct we still remember Jesus and His birth. We still sing songs to Him and worship and adore Him. In spirit and in truth. We still Give love to others.

Loves Living Word Ministries has a wonderful day yesterday, We shared time with those who have no home.. No resting place. We sang danced gave LOVE. We gave many presents and clothing.

I was particularly blessed this year to do it with someone two others very special asides my son and I  THANK GOD for sharing this special occasion with them.

We have moved HIGHER. I now lead worship at my local church. Its very exciting times. This last year has been bitter sweet. It has been one of the hardest yet! I'm seriously talking about a tumour and being Healed completely! PRAISE GOD. The tumour was in my throat! By my Voice box. God showed Himself strong. the lord my HEALER and DELIVERER! Isaiah 53
 Many others things occurred and in it all, We have come through the other side VICTORIOUS and HIGHER. it has been a time of Sifting. That time is Now OVER. The prophecy in Dec 2013 about whirlwinds came to me First!!!!

Anyway there will be a word should the Holy Spirit desire that in a day or two. but for now take a look at some of the blessings of this season. We worked with the WHITECHAPEL Liverpool. Was a honour. to pop in and give like that. Thank you to all who follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for your faithful returning visits to the blog even though this year has been quieter than normal   Now you know why. Its been a year of testing,  a Great year!  BUT WOW.. what an ending. ALL is WELL. If God be for us.. who can be against us just a the bible says. No One can defeat The lord He is the ALMIGHTY. he is the ALPHA the OMEGA the ANCIENT of DAYS.

We are VICTORIOUS with Christ our Redeemer. I praise the Lord. Precious ADONAI. My God my kinsman redeemer. Thank you for standing with us and inter cessing for those who needed it this season please continue too.

Enjoy these few pics of yesterday

Lets pray now for you all this Season......... Father I humbly come to you in adoration at the wonder of the life you laid down just for us. Your Love conquered death and  with your life giving power we can rule and reign VICTORIOUSLY here with you. Helping many who need that love, care, support, touch from you the king. I come into agreement with you Holy Spirit and anyone reading now. Your word says where two or more are gathered  in your name JESUS you are in the midst of us.
Father all your children those who have been ever faithful and been through much turmoil this year We give you thanks for them. We praise you for them for even through great adversity their faith in your stood and grow. Now they are pillars and towers,.
Now they are like a tree planted by the rivers Lord just as your word says FIXED immovable ready! We pray they are strengthen and FUILLED to over flowing with your glory POUR your glory our Lord. Those who havnt been faithful. and are Hindered by the enemy Change their hearts strengthen them help them Lord Its only by you we can get through anything. Only by you that mountains can be removed, You said for us to speak to the mountain and if we shall not doubt it shall be though removed if we believe it in our hearts. We shall have what so ever we say. LORD give them the Boldness to SPEAK to it! Teach and mentor your people Lord. send your Holy ones 
Father. For your hurting and broken. Lord one smile changes much in their life. one act of kindness keeps them going. You said you would never leave them nor forsake them, that you are close to those who are broken. In Mathews gospel you said Blessed and Fortunate are those who mourn for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. there are times and seasons Lord Changed their mourning in to Dancing. Change their sadness for gladness. Lord your babies who need that help and support. Raise up intercessors to continually pray your will regards this situation also for those trafficked and the terminally ill or disabled. We know Father that you see all things and that you desire us to pray for them, RAISE us Up.
I call for fresh Gifting's, Fresh wisdom, knowledge, Discernment, revelations for everyone who is praying with me now. I thank you lord You said ask and you shall receive. You said anyone who lacks wisdom ask. It is done Father. we pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge if you Father.  Also for us to be solid... on your the Rock. JESUS Christ. HEAL your land... heal your people. We have been commissioned to set the captives free. THANK YOU LORD your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. WE bless you this season and through the year let next year BE MIGHTY in your I hear for the pulling down of strong holds Thank you we walk into YOUR DESTINY. Your PURPOSE. YOUR PLAN your EFECIANCY. Your Call. Your way.. you are the way truth and life Lord no one comes to  the Father except by you. We call your people to you Jesus. WE CLAIM YOUR BLOOD over us all NOW LORD JESUS AND THIS MINISTRY> LOVES LIVING WORD MINISTRIES> Your MINISTRY. GROWTH INCREASE NEW BEGINIINGS lord in your name JESUS according to your word that cannot fails. that's changes not that is the same yesterday today and forever
Lord we stand on Psalms 10 In your name Father
Hebrews 10, Ephesians 1:17-23, Timothy, Mathew, and more! 
Loves living Word Ministries would like to take this opportunity to Bless you In Jesus Name the blessed Season. JESUS the reason for the Season. Isaiah 9:6
"For unto us a child is born, to us a child is given and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God. Everlasting Father, prince of peace."
Jesus the Way the Truth and the life