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Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year Message Prophetic Word. Kingdom Advances. 010116

Happy New Year God Bless you.

A timely message lived and delivered by Loves Living Word Ministries.

2016 is a year of the Miraculous and definitive for the Kingdom of light.

Go that extra mile, unusual moves of His Spirit.

Beloved My Father, your Father cannot stress more than ever to know His word. Get into it and stay there. This is your sword against darkness. Nothing else will advance and stand. We are more than victorious in Christ
Through Him, we are in this unique position in a world full of corruption, deception and sin. Through Him we are to Share His light. Not mans to His children beforehand the sound of the trumpet.

Last night By the Spirit The Lord had me blow the Shofar for the New Year. 2016  The Kingdom,s stance is secure. And the Atmosphere has shifted. In Spirit the Angels heeded to the trumpet of His anointed. The times have changed. And His Kingdom reigns. His glory carriers across this world by the Spirit heard its awakening call. Deception and intimidation broken. Truth and clarity reign.

See message prophecy given please pray about this. The Lord confirm and continue to confirm more. Shalom and Grace to you and yours in Jesus Name.

Scripture Refs: Psalms 23
                         Luke 4:18
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Are you ready for the Truth?

Loves Living Word Ministries