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Monday, 31 December 2012

2013 NEW YEAR Prophetic Word follow on from Christmas message word and visions.

Hello and GOD BLESS YOU.. How has your Christmas season been? I trust you have been able to spend time celebrating our beautiful JESUS. The AUTHOR and FINISHER of our FAITH.

Wow.. what a year for LOVES LIVING WORD MINISTRIES! Thank you for all your support. Wait until you see what is coming next year! God has wonderful plans for the MINISTRY.

This coming year shall be one of excitement to many who have been hidden.. who have been faithful who have been true to GOD.     

                         The YEAR OF GIMMEL  5337 

Hebriaic YEAR 5337  AYIN  ( EYE) Unveiling   

GIMMEL ( camel - to lift up or pride/ burden bearer.

"But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord." 

 2 Corinthians 3:18

This is a great study. ENJOY!

The Lord has a small word for you....

"Your hope has been in me.. and with this I have been able to make the ground more solid on which you stand.

Have your self more time in my ever loving arms and presence for in me there is fullness of joy.

In me is the truth and change you seek. 

The coming months will be fruitful for those who have paved their way only on me.

They will now reap the rewards of their labor in me. 

Come to me now and together we will dance.. we shall dance in the day and dance in the evening. For I am the LORD of the Dance. 

My heart has wept for my children who have suffered and been in pain. Its is not my will for you to hurt as you do. Hold on children hold on.. for a time approaches when You MUST consult only me in all you do. A time approaches when men's hearts will fail them if they are not rooted in me.

Many have tried to suffocate the flow of my spirit and this has given the enemy ground in their life.

Take back the ground stolen for in the times ahead you will need to have your foundation firm and solid only on the rock".  

(I see a lake... with still waters.. it is evening time.. many are in the dark... the moon shines on the lake.. there is a small breeze.) 

" Much is taking place in the evening which is not focused on me. Have your focus on me and my word. 
Many of  you feel alone at this time".

I see swans alone on the lake... just sailing.. floating along. You don't really know where you are going or what you are fully doing. The Lord says  HOLD YOUR FAITH in me and You will soon see where you are headed. You will not be going around aimlessly but soon it will brighten and you will have great clarity on your purpose and life plans. There are many other swans there.. I have kept you separate for a reason says the LORD but soon you shall unite. Soon what you desire shall be given. Hold fast to the confession of your faith and in all things with prayer and supplication make your requests known to me. Do not grow weary in well doing for in due season you will reap the rewards if you do not loose heart. 

Release to me this New Year and together we shall begin a NEW, together we shall remove those things that are not for your highest good and together we shall build your house upon the rock.. "  says the Lord your redeemer. 

FAITHFUL is HE who calls you." 

 Psalm 16:18      Acts 2:25   John 14:6   Romans 3:3-4   Isaiah 60:2

Isaiah 40:10    Hebrews 10:23  Philippians 4:6   Ephesians 6:18  Galatians 6:9

 Matthew 7:24 

There are more scriptures do some study for yourself. ENJOY! 

The Lord has really only given what He has already been sharing. He gave great and mighty visions in the Christmas message I ask you to read test and study them. ALSO this message given today.

LOVES LIVING WORD MINISTRIES is very excited about 2013. I know it is going to be a wonderful year. A year of many wonderful years ahead. We would like to take this opportunity to greet you with a BLESSING.

"May God Bless you in more abundance this 2013. I pray the Lord keeps you safe and well. Covered by the blood of JESUS CHRIST. I saturate your whole family with HIS BLOOD. May you increase in Health, Wisdom, Love and peace this NEW YEAR and may many be helped and healed through your kind words. Your love.. reach out like never before to the dying world and its people who don't know our savior Our God. EL SHADDAI, He is more than enough for everyone. I love you. Thank your support and returning Visits. Also for your prayers, In the name of Jesus I thank you Lord for your support and Father I call down The latter rain as in Hosea I call down Blessings and YOUR GLORY Father so we shine like never before In your precious HOLY NAME Jesus Christ AMEN. "

God Bless you... HAPPY NEW YEAR... Rejoice... Rejoice... Shout and sing for the coming of our LORD and KING. rejoice rejoice dance and be glad.. No room in your heart to be down or sad. Rejoice rejoice A new day has dawned. Its light shines forth Breaking away the storm. Rejoice rejoice for your Fathers near.. Be Happy Glad and of Good CHEER.
My wish for you is to get closer to GOD. Build  a solid relationship on HIM alone. Dont seek advice on major things from others YOUR FATHER knows the answer. They do not.
Do not lean on man. Man will not be able to uphold you. GOD WILL. he wants you to rely on HIM in all you do. He has much to share with you. My wish is that you learn to hear his voice so clearly as if it was a family member or friend talking. And to the ones who do.. Get even closer. I sure am. No where else id rather be. than with HIM in all i do.

I love you. From my son and I.

Question is are you ready for the TRUTH?

Lisa and Ethan


1 Corinthians 1:8

"For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God."

 Spread LOVE people... Spread love xxxx

Friday, 14 December 2012

Prophetic word 14 December 2012

Hello and GOD BLESS you....... We are approaching a time to reflect on GOD with us. EMMANUEL.

Please see my small video Greeting...      ps://

God sent His son to over 2000 years ago. JESUS. CELEBRATE Him the month in all you do. Praise Him like never before. Reach to Him like you did the first time You heard of HIM. He desires a relationship so personal that In every little thing you do you would talk with HIM. He is your guide, Teacher, confident, intercessor, advocate,  if you are born again. He lives in us By The HOLY GHOST shed abroad in our hearts as the bible says. WHAT A PRECIOUS GIFT. That is something NO MONEY could ever buy or replace. ITS FREE reach to HIM Call to HIM. He calls you NOW.

LOVES LIVING WORD MINISTRIES would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very
HAPPY and prosperous CHRISTMAS season. 

I would like to encourage you to reach out to people who have no place to go at CHRISTMAS. To those who have no family or are hurting. Those who are alone. I know all three of those and what it is like to spend CHRISTMAS alone.. Unloved in the natural world and It wasn't nice. PRAISE GOD I found JESUS and all that changed forever .But only when THE LORD directed me... This is why He came.. Read Isaiah 1

He came for the broken.. the fatherless.. the widow... the sick.. He loves you. If you are alone this Christmas. Give Loves Living Word Ministries an email we would love to hear from you. Send in you Prayer requests we are standing by. God Bless you Love you.

I want to share how busy LOVES LIVING WORD MINISTRIES has been. We have a NEW Project that was the HOLY GHOSTS idea. Here are the details...


After seeing skulls on children's clothing in the shops, I asked the Lord what can we do to spread more of HIS LIGHT? It had to co inside with Financially helping the youth at ST ANDREWS CHURCH LIVERPOOL. and a Children's Charity. The Lord came up with a wonderful idea. MADE by LOVELY has designed beautiful JESUS bracelets for girls and boys. Adults bracelets can be made to order as well.
They are elegantly wrapped in Organza Bags and include a scripture chosen by the HOLY GHOST.
They are £5.00 each and 10% goes to between ST ANDREWS CHURCH and a Zoe's Place Baby HOSPICE. in LIVERPOOL. UNITED KINGDOM.
They are an ideal gift for Christmas, Baptisms, Birthdays or anytime. Please see a small collection below. Many have already been sold and more are on there way.
 You can pay via paypal link and email me at with all details of where to ship. Depending on country etc will be price of postage. I get a list drawn up from the post office and post to the site.

These Beautifully Hand made Bracelets are heavy. Elegant and full of LOVE.
JESUS Bracelets spreading HIS LIGHT to the people.
They are £5 each and 10% goes towards Childrens charities in LIVERPOOL UNITED KINGDOM. One is Called ZOES PLACE Childrens Charity for Sick Children.

I will provide all evidence of FUNDRAISING from LOVES LIVING WORD MINISTRIES.

They have a scripture card inside from my HOME CHURCH ST ANDREWS that the HOLY GHOST chose. Matt 19:14. They come wrapped in a white organza bag for girls.. with either a Cross, Angel, Rose, Butterfly or feet and so on.. They are LOVELY JUST like GOD. Just LIKE JESUS

The boys are just as LOVELY and come wrapped in brown paper and string with the MADE BY LOVELY tag. They include a scripture card also.

There is also baby ones.. There was a mini Launch at church on sunday and sold many. PRAISE GOD we have already started to raise FUNDS for the YOUTH at ST ANDREWS and CHILDRENS CHARITY Zoes place. PLEASE Contact VIA email and I will give you the PAY PAL details Thanks

Also My friend and Leader in the City of Liverpool Liam Moore. From VOICE in the CITY (River of LIFE MINISTRIES) has NEW PROPHETIC SOUND OUT. 1000 Children sang In a Catherdral in LIVERPOOL and the CD is now released. The proceeds go to various Childrens Charities in Liverpool.

Liam has worked with KIND, Families Fighting for Justice and so many more.  The CD is £3.00. You can purchase this CD either at the sites below Or in ASDA, UNITED KINGDOM or ONLINE. ITUNES 

Please see here

 Merseyside UNITES facebook Page

A Word From our Father.. TEST IT OUT.. PRAY.. Ask the HOLY GHOST to confirm. 

Prophetic word.... 14 DECEMBER 2012 

I AM coming with such force and power the world has never seen. Release your cares and concerns to me. 

For what approaches is a time for harvest to those who have been faithful to me. You have been faithful with  little now I will give you a storehouse to be faithful with much. What you seek is only to desire to please me and You have, You have reached a height of maturity and now your focus is on the hurting and lowly. Reach to them and my power will guide you into the most wonderful opportunities that will present themselves.

 To those who have not yet fulfilled what I have asked of them Only through me will this be done LET GO and give it to me and watch as I do a new thing in your midst. Seek  me only and no other How do they know what will be? How can you relate to others when you do not focus on me? Hold yourself in high esteem and I will strip you of this.. Its not you who does anything BUT I who sets the captives free.
 My wind is being release on my people and through this time of adversity and change I will release much blessings and abundance for all to see. Focus and shift your attention to me. And see the words I have spoken Hold the keys to LIFE. Your guard will slip if you  do not seek me in all you do. For my way is to prosper you and not to harm you. To give you hope and a future. The future is BRIGHT.. and plentiful... ( the Lord is showing me a pain in my side) The pain you feel will subside when you release yourself fully to my purpose and NOT YOUR OWN. Hold your guard and grip and your foundations will be laid upon the rock. Beauty is all around you Look and see I have paved the way. It is I that grounds you with the corner stone. It is I that transcends peace and understanding It is I who says FOCUS on me. My goodness reigns. The New year will bring whirl winds... For nations.. for people lives and for my people I am coming like a mighty rushing wind... Go with my flow and not your own. Release yourself to me and be caught up in the biggest move the world has seen. My people rise up. Rise...condemnation is only for the wicked not the righteous Do not condemn yourselves any longer, See I am gentle and meek. My way is what brought Kings to the ground... and princes to their knees, My way brought food to the hungry and shelter to the weak. I am your shield. I am your rear guard, Guard your selves with all diligence. Speak of the glad tidings and know that your every move is to help the hurting and lost. For I came to seek those who were lost. Child I love you. My love is everlasting says the God of Israel..... your redeemer LIVES. My way is the way to salvation. 

1.  REV 22:12                        4.   PSALMS 104                   7.   JEREMIAH 29:11

2.   ROMANS 12                  5.   PROVERBS 4:20-22        8.    LUKE 6:38

3.   2 CORINTHIANS 12:9   6.   PROVERBS 3:5                9.   PHILIPPIANS 4:7

10. 2 PETER 1:3                    11.  ROMANS 8:1                  12.  MATT 11:29

13. 1 KINGS 18-19               14. COLOSSIANS 2:15           15. LUKE 3:11

16. PSALMS 91 and 27         17. PROVERBS 4:23              18: LUKE 4:18

19. LUKE 19:10                     20. JOHN 14:6

I saw whirl winds, I saw houses being ripped up from the ground and carried in the whirl wind. This is both Nateral and spiritual.... People foundations are being tested and tried. Peoples houses are being shaken.. is it truly built on HIM The rock?  If it is you will survive.. FOUNDATION BUILDERS,,, Build on HIM. STRONG Immovable. I see de bree being removed .. Stick..... branches... tumble weeds like bushes. They are being take out. in the back ground is HIS GLORY his LIGHT... In the darkness He shines.. The clouds are being moved..... The grass green and plentiful... GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF THESE WHIRLWINDS satan is

UPDATE 21 MAY 2013

UPDATE 25 JANUARY 2013 see here

Go to my Facebook page... You will see a re copied conversation that I had on my private facebook page about a vision I had of an EXPLOSION. this was on 5 JAN 2013...I heard words SOUTH PACIFIC... end of JAN there was a huge explosion in the SOUTH PACIFIC MEXICO. 25 died! Check out the conversation go to loves living word ministries facebook page here:

I feel and see that Asia is going to have a massive flood..I felt to say China..... There is a torrent like a river flowing through there. People are scared... This is both in natural and in prophetic.. I see people afraid. Some running at the side of the river... they afraid to jump in to the river,,  the Lord says do not be afraid for I am with you... I heard the word hodoshi???? having looked it is ARMOUR wow... ( Odoshi) awesome... Im sure it is two fold.. Both a flood in natural.. Mighty Torrent and people afraid. But also The LORD is present and His river is a mighty torrent rushing through CHINA. His spirit.... Don't be afraid people.. Get with Him. Don't run on the way side, Jump in.

UPDATE 21/05/2013 See this link

UPDATE 19/9/2013    

More floods China!!!!!
The Lord shows me Russia I see an army rising.. I see the soldiers in big hats.. walking with their legs out at the front in formation. I see they are in sink and ready. we need to pray about this. I here the words Kremlin. and see a building that is shaped with a dome at the top.  I see buildings that have figures on them. Like a beautiful Court yard?  I see people starving there and things are very underground. He shows me just like in the film Chitty Chitty Bang bang where the people hid in secret while the elite ate plentiful. He shows me planes war planes... small ones numbers on them in big... red white a blue. I see jets hear word missiles. i see a bell in this court type place with beautiful buildings... it is not ringing yet.


I also saw a Clock tower with a bell in it.


I will post all scripture references shortly. and information I want to get this out there NOW.

On 6 JANUARY 2013 The Lord pointed me to Zephaniah whole chapter BUT see here......Chapter 2:2 
" The time for repentance is speeding by like chaff before whirled the WIND" 

AND Nahum...Chapter 1:2 " The Lord has his way in the whirlwind and in the storm and reserves wrath for his enemies." 

I have given you what I saw, I have now put my self out there Lets see :) 

 We are now 9th Sept update..... wow so much has come to pass.... See the links for yourself..... I have come back through the year and added links of news regarding the visions the Lord gave and it coming to pass. YOU DECIDE! 

I wish to thank everyone for their on going support in Prayer For LOVES LIVING WORD MINISTRIES. Also for faithfully coming back time and time again. Be blessed And look out for the NEW YEAR MESSAGE .

God Loves you. I love you 

From Lisa and Ethan my son


1 Corinthians 1:8

"For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God."

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Hello and God Bless you . This carries on from the last post regards steps. We spoke about MAKING HIM NUMBER ONE  in your life.
Before I heard the childrens hymn "One more step along the world I go" The Holy Ghost took me to AMOS 7 I could not get this teaching into words better than this guy has explained things. I will talk a little more after wards but have a look at this... 

"Introduction: When I was a kid I remember going to a little tourist place where the rules of gravity did not seem to apply. Balls rolled uphill. Floors looked level but did not feel level. The walls seemed straight, but were not. After studying the matter, I determined it was all an optical illusion - nothing was as it seemed. Are we living in an "optical illusion?" Has Satan so twisted our vision that we have trouble seeing matters in their proper light? GOD is about to test with God's standard. Let's dive in!  ( BLACK) ( remember JULY'S prophecy the Lord gave me about his people some walking blind, some semi blind and some in the light?)  This is connected to AMOS.. I haven't yet done the blog It has to be the right timing I knew it wasn't that time yet. BUT SOON it will be and With the Lord.s help, He will show you things that as a SEER I have been shown that are right under peoples noses. Things that are only there for harm and not the KINGDOM. IDOLS.. Poisons! Just like the Rhodendrums the LORD shared in the prophecy! (Lisa BLUE)

    1. Read Amos 7:7-8. What is "plumb?" Is this a fruit that grows on a tree? Is it a short name for people who work on water and drainage systems? (Being "plumb" is a construction term that refers to being straight up and down. A "plumb line" is a string with a weight on the end. When you hold the string at the top, the weight makes the line hang down straight. Today we use a "level" instead of a plumb line to be sure that when we construct a building the walls are level.)

      1. In Amos' vision, God is standing with a plumb line by a wall that is level. Why? (God wants to show that the plumb line is accurate and that it has been used to construct a proper wall.) What are walls? They are things that are made of brick or stones solid they are there to keep things out. To protect, To Guard, To enclose. JESUS is our CORNER STONE. We must have Him and His stone only not built on anything else. is your wall straight or have you gone crooked. GOD IS about to check his people to see if they are aligned in HIM or another.  GOD is about to re aligned many In fact He has been re aligning Some of His people the ones who have been humbled enough to do so.  Have you gone crooked? We can all get there. NO one is exempt from this. From either false mindset or thought patterns strongholds, dodgy doctrines or listening to lies from the enemy, Or it could be from watching dark things polluting yourself and your soul and spirit.  It could be by not filling yourself up and not spending enough time with HIM. It could be because you yourself have got in the way and moved God out. More than ever before I hear the Lord say we are to spend time with HIM so we do not become at all crooked in the way we think behave see act believe. 

      2. God then says He is setting a plumb line in Israel. How would that apply to people instead of walls? What does this mean? (It means that God is going to measure His people against absolute truth. No longer is it a question of what seems right to the person. God is going use a true standard and no longer spare the people.) And He shall bring the spirit or TRUTH! the bible says. He is here, if you are born again then you can not get away from HIM he lives in you. there is no hiding. He will not allow His people to continue in false hood. Take a look at the bible old testament and see that His people went through the ones who followed after baals ( satanist Gods) and the ones who followed after God. The bible says you cannot serve two Gods.  We are in the AGE of GRACE and this means we are given a wonderful free God giving mercy seat. THANK YOU JESUS However it does not give someone who knows better the right to behave in false hood when they know the truth. Some of his people are walking completely blind.. These have not studied to show themselves approved. they have not put time and effort in. Others are walking semi blind. These love the Lord and have put some effort in and think they live for Him but haven't laid all things down YET.. and as a a result of one thing or another cannot see fully what is going on right under their noses and are actually worshiping baals un knowingly through certain television and idols including themselves. The Lord says my people are destroyed through lack of Knowledge in HOSEA. Well soon ALL will not be able to say they were not be shown. Because the Lord is raising a peculiar people up, the ones who will not compromise nor be afraid of what man will do when the truth is spoke. The time is getting close The window of GRACE tighter. NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR. he is calling His people fully back from the sways of itchy ears and winds of doctrine be it supposedly religious or worldly and He is CALLING HIS PEOPLE BACK. To be RE aligned. RIGHT. The PLUMB LINE IS HERE.. will you walk by reject it? or will you heed to its call. The LORDS CALL...Those who are of GOD HEAR HIS VOICE. What voice have you been listening too? WHO are you listening too? God or the world? You cannot worship two Gods.  Then you have others who are truly and utterly AWAKE! PRAISE GOD! "Awaken my children awakening even NOW!" says the LORD 

      3. Amos protested when he saw the visions of destruction by locusts and fire. God now says He will "not spare" Israel and Amos does not protest this time. Why not? (God is testing, measuring, His people. How can you expect to be spared from that? While we found Amos protesting the visions of total destruction, he does not protest this test because he had been warning the people about false godliness. (See Amos 5:18, 21-22) God is now going to apply His divine measure to the people to test whether the are what they claim to be. He will find out whether they are real or an "optical illusion.") ARE you the type of person who Goes to church sings and does the pleasantries the Lord says but behind closed doors does abominable things either in deed or in heart BOTH are one and the same? 

    2. Read Amos 7:9. What are the "high places" that are going to be destroyed? (Idols were set up in the "high places." God is going to destroy the idol worship. The test will reveal whether they trust other gods.)

  1. The Reaction to Being Measured

    1. Read Amos 7:10-11. Does the High Priest agree with Amos' vision from God? (No.)

      1. How does the High Priest describe Amos' words? (He describes them as an attack on the King. They are a conspiracy, they are treason.)

      2. How would you compare the loyalty of the High Priest to the King and opposed to the High Priest's loyalty to God?

      3. Why would the High Priest describe as treason God's words about the destruction of idols? (This is an example of twisted thinking. Instead of discussing whether or not Amos is theologically correct, the High Priest just calls it treason. He badly needed a "plumb line" for his thinking.)

    2. We have previously discussed the potential parallels between the book of Amos and the recent attacks on the United States. I have asked in past lessons whether God allowed these recent events as a "wake up" call for us to turn to Him. The response of our citizens has been to come together in patriotism. On one hand, I love the way we came together, on the other hand, I wonder if all reasoned consideration of "our condition" is being lost in a chorus of "God Bless America." What do you think? Are we in danger of being like this High Priest? We turn God's warnings into an issue of patriotism?

      1. Some who say the recent attacks are a "wake up" call, point to the sins in our society. Who was God measuring with His plumb line? (Verse 8 tells us the plumb line was set "among my people." It is those who claim to be God's followers that are subject to the test. If this is a wake up call, it is not for "them," but for "us.")

    3. In conclusion from the High Priest's complaint to the King that Amos is committing treason. It says this shows "the danger of politics and religion being too intricately mixed." What would you say about mixing religion and politics if the High Priest called on the King to repent - and the King repented?

      1. What is the real evil here? (The real evil is that "God's man," the High Priest, does not look at this issue in theological terms, he looks at it in political terms.)

      2. Read Amos 7:12-13. How would you put the High Priest's directions to Amos in today's terms? ("Go away, you're bothering us.")

      1. Who did the High Priest say was in charge? (This is another part of the twisted way the High Priest understood his job. He tells Amos to go away and not reveal the messages from God because the King of Israel is in charge here. How important it is to understand that our direction in life comes from God's word and not from the words of man. If the High Priest did not understand this, little wonder the people did not understand it.)

      2. Read Amos 7:16-17. What is the "downside" to ignoring God in favor of listening to the King of Israel? 

  2. Our Reaction to Being Measured

    1. If Amos were speaking to you, how should you react to his message? (You would hopefully want to "measure up" to the plumb line.)

    2. When you were in school, if the teacher had a test standard, you wanted to know what it was, right? "How long does our paper have to be?" "How many pages do we have to read?" What is God's standard here? What is this "plumb line?" (Read Leviticus 19:2. God tells us to be holy as He is holy. The following verses in Leviticus 19 then go on to describe what God expects. These seem very much like the Ten Commandments.)

      1. Read Galatians 4:24-25. Doesn't Paul tell us that the "covenant" from Mount Sinai (the Ten Commandments were given from Sinai) bears children who are slaves? Does the plumb line standard of God's Ten Commandments no longer apply? Need we no longer worry about being "holy?"

    3. Read Exodus 20:1-5. How does God begin His statement of the Ten Commandments? (He begins by drawing their attention to His redemptive activity. God says because I redeemed you, this is what I have in mind for your life. God then goes on to say "no other gods." He asks us to trust Him alone.) What do you have your trust in? MONEY? DOCTORS? MAN? FAMILY? FRIENDS? TELEVISION? NEWSPAPERS/MAGS? FALSE IDOLS?  ANY IDOL HUMAN OR THING ( including such as food, Cigarettes drink, clothes, make up etc) 

    4. Let's go back to Galatians for a minute. Read Galatians 5:1,16-18. Jesus died in our place, thus fulfilling the righteous requirements of the law. This is how Jesus set us free from the law. He "took us out of Egypt," he took us out of the inescapable pit of sin and death. But, just as Paul tells us in Galatians not to gratify our sinful desires, so today we have a responsibility to acknowledge what God has already done for us (redemption) by making an effort to live a pure and upright life.)

      1. Is this effort to live a pure and upright life a matter of being careful about how we behave? (Paul makes this critically important point in Galatians 5:18. We need an attitude change. If we seek for a heart change through the power of the Holy Spirit, then our "Godly attitude" will govern our life and not our concentration on keeping the law. That is our goal - to have the Spirit so change our sinful hearts that we want to do what is right. If we have no interest in living according to God's law, then it is doubtful that we ever accepted God's offer of salvation. That is why God starts the Ten Commandments by saying, "Consider what I did for you." He wants us to want to do His will.)

    5. Friend, God deeply cares about the behavior of His people. He has a measure, and He applies it to those who claim to be His. Don't be satisfied living an "optical illusion." If you see that your life is not "plumb," will you repent and invite the Holy Spirit to come into your heart today to change your attitude?

I really have only added a little onto this teaching as It is very in depth and I have much to study on it also. BUT HEAR this The Lord is NOT MOCKED I hear HIM SAY. What a man soweth He reaps.

PRAISE God He is aligning His people back to HIM AND HIS SPIRIT. HIS WORD. 

Are you willing to be measured by the PLUMB LINE. its going on whether you are or not. 

Question is are you willing to be Humbled.. Between you and GOD NO ONE else and get back.. See what the Lord is saying. Are there areas you are walking BLIND or semi BLIND and right in the enemies camp? Have you even though to ask HIM? or  have you quite happily ignored HIM  knowing full well you are blind or semi blind in some areas that just dont fit or suit you?. Either way He loves you too much to have this happen. Same as He loved the people of Nineveh and sent the prophet JONAH who tried to run away from telling this hostile crowd of what he thought were hardened hearts, and the LORD SAID TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS or you shall perish. You know what THEY LISTENED praise GOD. Once they were blind but then did they see I hear the LORD SAY.

Question is who is your NUMBER ONE? Yourself, Your Family, You job? Impressing others? The world? what people think? Or is it GOD. Make HIM NUMBER one. The plumb LINE is here to re align you. Re align all of us. Including me. Time is PRECIOUS.. its not just to live a rosie little life here with two point four families. Its certainly not to live in FALSEHOOD. We have mandate to fulfill and people to help and save. THROUGH CHRIST. 

Question is are you willing to get on your knees and TRULY SEEK HIM in areas of your life that perhaps may have tilted. I can say this if you think NOPE IM FINE..I wont tilt. That's pride. Don't be prideful. It cant harm to check.
God bless you 

God Loves you Jesus DIED FOR YOU. So we could be aligned fully with GOD. His spirit lives in us its a question of HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT OF HIM.. or YOU? 

I feel the Lord would like us to pray. 

Oh Lord the scripture you have given is 

"and My people who are called by My name humble 

themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from 

their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will 

forgive their sin and will heal their land." Our Heavenly 

Father. We know you are merciful and deal in Mercy. We 

know paid a heavy price for our freedom and that in your 

we are free. Thank you Lord for setting us free and 

guiding us only through your HOLY GHOST. Father 

forgive us for anything that has been done that is not of 

you. Anything that is contrary to the word of GOD. Help 

us align ourselves fully in you and your spirit. Help us to 

see the thing very things that are around us that are set 

to harm us. And keep us clear of them. FATHER I ask for 

discernment, For a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the 

KNOWLEDGE of you. Having the eyes of our hearts 

flooded with LIGHT so we can know the hope to which 

we are called. Lord have you way in our lives. Bring 

people long side us who will help us. Who are genuine 

and true and have NO AGENDA other than they come 

from you. AND as your word says you wish for us to 

prosper even as our souls prospers, Lord make it clear to 

us the things that may have made our walls tilted.. May 

have made holes in for the enemy to use against us. help 

us fortify those walls with JESUS ALONE. For you are 

our STRENGTH and our HIGH TOWER. Thank you Father

that your illuminate our paths and awaken any areas that 

may be in the dark. FOR YOUR WORD SAYS where there 


to only be in your LIGHT Lord. So that we can be the 



reading this NOW. AMEN

Love Lisa


1 Corinthians 1:8

"For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God."

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