This flower, so celebrated by the poets is only mentioned twice in the Bible: Songs of Solomon 2:1. " I am the rose of Sharon"  This is the beautiful songs of Solomon who are letters regarding Strong Faithful Love between and man and a women. I personally think when the Lord told me of Roses He is talking about Jesus Christ and HIS PEOPLE who are walking fully with him! Rose hips are associated with medicinal healing, and Christ's spiritual healing properties were the very reason for Jesus coming to earth 2,000 years ago.
The five petals on the Rose of Sharon remind us of the five wounds of Passion Jesus suffered on the cross.
Sharon was a place, Sharon is a plain and it is one of the largest valley-plains in all of Palestine. Back at the time of Solomon, it was considered a wild, fertile plain that had many beautiful flowers in it. Sharon was supposed to have been known for its beauty and majesty back in those days. The letters refers to a Shulamite lady who could not believe that Solomon the king could think she was beautiful. She was ashamed of her appearance and this is how He made her see herself. as a rose.. and the lily of the valley. This is how God see us... Perfect... we are perfect in Him. No matter what size we are.. what we look like... outward appearance is not important but the heart is. and His spirit in us is. Roses go from a bud in embryo stage to one petal being revealed then another.. Opening out and blooming perfectly... This is how we are when we meet with Christ. There is stem with thorns on so this symbolizes stuff from the world and what has been put in our soul or body. God changes that bit by bit so those thorns go.. Rough edges are smoothed out and the TOP the head is a beautiful rose. . Each petal perfect.. fragrant, round not hard edges... each petal perfectly formed to another. Covering one another all intertwined. We are being changed from Glory to glory Oh such beauty. From Him.
By using the rose flower as a visual symbolism of Jesus’ love for us, we can better see and appreciate what God is trying to tell us in the personal love relationship that He wants to establish with each and every one of us. He wants all of us to realize how special His love is for us, and that He wants more than anything else to be able to enter into this personal love relationship with each one of us.

The word  Rose would be chabatze-leth ; .in Hebrew meaning Meadow saffron or Narcissus (   in the chambers dictionary this means - Greek Myth- a youth who pined away for love of his own image and was transformed into a flower) However : here I found this
Narcissus is found growing wild in the desert from the Mediterranean Sea to the center of Israel. The central crown or corona gets its name from the Italian word tazza, meaning "a cup." Does our God give us His cup to drink? I think he does! He said drink of my cup and you shall never thirst again!  
Isnt He awesome.!
However, the narcissus flowers grown in gardens are more likely to be targeted by pests and diseases than their own appearance. So it is important when looking after Roses the  Rosaceas family to keep them from pests. This can be anything that hinders you or your walk in Christ. PROTECT THE HOLY GHOST in you. Protect your Spirit Soul and Body!

It is Christ Himself who chooses this language to draw our regards, graciously using every means to awaken our attention to His supreme excellency. Isnt He amazing!

The word chabatze-leth, already explained, may remind us of the overshadowing perfection and hidden glories of the Son of God held within  the cup, which we may not now fully penetrate; But we have part of in us!!!!!!   The circle of perfection is a rose. The heart once fixed on Christ will find enough in Him to satisfy for ever. Jesus coming forth from the Father in spotless purity, the light of the world, He might be compared to the white Rose, reflecting all the assembled rays of heaven, PURE HOLY RADIANT LIGHT. as it is written, " the brightness of His glory," " without blemish and without spot;"
The wrath due to sinners was borne by Him, and "by His own blood He entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption." Heb. 9: 12.
Oh, that we may not only taste the great salvation thus accomplished, but know what it is to have Christ in us. And if this Rose be treasured in our bosoms, the odor will make it known; the fragrance of holiness will be diffused over our whole walk; others will take knowledge of Jesus in us.. just as scripture say the Lord makes his Fragrance known in 2 Corinthians 2:14

Jesus is perfect love just as the rose is the most perfect of all flowers in its looks, beauty and smell. Just as a Rose opens up God wants us to open our hearts to Him.  God wants to reveal His precious love to us. His richness and grandeur. His blessed Presence.