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Monday, 23 January 2012

Exposing the spirit of Jezebel to Christians in the church. Deep Deception taking place in some churches today! 23/01/12

Hello and God bless you.. Loves Living Word Ministries is VERY happy to say we have grown. We now have audiences in the UK. U.S.A, Russia, Germany, Kenya, Australia, Latvia, Netherlands and S/Africa. Praise God! And we give Him all the honor and all the Glory in Jesus Christ name. How wonderful is that! Jesus gave us a commission to fulfill.. In Mathew 28Go you therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”

This is being made possible without having to travel via the internet. Praise God!

I would like to expose a spirit that is working in some churches that call themselves churches of God today. This spirit is working through its people and leaders of the church. I can say this boldly having just come out of a place where this spirit is in operation. I would like to remind you that anything posted on my blog including typos are just that TYPOS nothing else. I am a single mummy who is busy doing the Lords work when He requires and juggling the rest of my life so right now . Loves Living Word Ministries BLOG SPOT not professional website may have the odd spelling error. And in time when the Lord creates a TEAM even the blog spot will have no TYPOS AT ALL. I do try my best and will try make sure there is non but if I have managed to miss some due to tiredness, working a lot on the writings and being a full time single mummy recovering from a serious illness then please bare with me. BLESS YOU and thank you.  

Here is an idea of what the spirit is.. Its characteristics and how it operates through deep deception and witchcraft!.
May I remind you of this before you read on… In Collosians 2, Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ said this,

When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, having cancelled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.”

That says that Jesus stripped all spirits, principalities and powers ( fallen angels) of their power. They have none over a born again believer in Christ because we are in Christ so even though I am exposing this spirit that is operating in the church and world today. You do not need to fear. Just pray to the Lord for discernment daily. Ask the Lord to show you the light of the gospel in every situation and circumstance you go through. The Lord has your back. If you are a true follower and believer not just in deed and confession. But in heart! You may be targeted as this spirit is rife in false Churches all over the world. And as I have experienced the spirit that rose against me I want to make others aware also. If God is for you who can be against you; If you are a true follower you deserve to know the truth.

Ephesians 6... take a good read at this please.

Acts 26:18"To open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.'

You are a soldier of Almighty God, You are His child and true love. Do not put up with the wiles and deceit of the enemy in all its forms. Jezebel has already been taken down. If you know someone who is operating like this then use the power you have behind you. Say NO, you cannot manipulate and deceive me. Stand up in your full armor and leave the spirit and its following. And Pray in warfare, YOU CANNOT LOSE!


Jezebel is in the bible we will look at this shortly. Right now there is

Two Kinds of Spiritual Warfare happening.

One kind of warfare involves our polluted eye and ears gates. What we see and hear has opened us into that whole seductive realm in the spirit that is unholy and unclean. We have touched on this in previous blogs take a look at what are you looking at? and what are you listening too? previous Blogs!

Another kind of warfare involves the spirit realm and we will look at just one of the EVIL FOUL SPIRITS in operation still today and sadly in our churches. The religious institutes or places of Worship. The spirit of Jezebel takes over, through a religious, controlling spirit that cloaks itself in the name of righteousness, faith and the word of God.
It blames true followers of God in heart and deed and tries to destroy them when they are at their weakest once ready to rise for Christ.
Who is Jezebel?

Talking about the spirit of Jezebel, you must understand that Jezebel is an international principality ( fallen angel) that devastates nations and multitudes of sons and daughters. It is a demonic power. It is not female or male, nor does it associate itself specifically with men or women -it is a spirit. And it is in some of Gods so called churches brothers and sisters and must and WILL be exposed!
It is not just that Jezebel confronted Elijah, but this principality (fallen angel rank), this Jezebel spirit, confronted the God of Elijah. You see, there is a war going on right now, and the war is for our passion. The same power that comes against the passion and hearts of man today, also came against Elijah and God's people. We are dealing with passion versus passion and fire versus fire. What will grab the passions of Jezebel's captive hearts?

It lies and accuses true prophets and tries to deceive with a following. They are taking on God when the spirit of jezebel does this.. Do not be fooled.. God is not mocked. What a person sows that He shall reap! See Isaiah 29 further down on this page!

Anyone with true discernment would be able to discern this controlling spirit who says one thing one time and then another the next. The spirit manipulates its following, The spirit needs to have full control of everything at all times and cannot delegate or let another have any part of the church organization. This spirit will constantly put down Gods true warriors. It will try to control them in all they can do and lead them away from their true calling if it is allowed or not discerned! So BE WARNED!

Elijah Confronts Jezebel in 1 Kings
The jezebel spirit will go in for the attack when a prophet is at its weakest having gone through major spiritual battles. Praise God the prophet has Gods backing and is empowered and healed by the Lord very quickly. That’s all the training they have been through to prepare them for such a time! But another member of the body of Christ does not have a direct line to God so they are big victims to this spirit! I pray in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ that anyone who is being manipulated by the spirit of Jezebel in the body of Christ will be awakened now in Jesus name. I pray their spiritual eyes will be opened and the person who is operating in this spirit will be exposed now in Jesus Christ name. Praise God, Nothing is hidden from Him He sees the thoughts and purposes of all hearts Hebrew 4:12. Amen.

The Clashing of Two Spirits

There is a clash the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of satan. These two kingdoms are coming together in head-to-head combat. Gods Kingdom which RULES and REIGNS and the enemies Kingdom which HAS BEEN DEFEATED! When we are coming against a Jezebel spirit, we are confronting a powerful spirit that's goal is to destroy the prophets and abort the newborn ( new Christian) . If it cannot abort your “baby in the womb,” then it will try to abort our calling and destiny. It is a demonic spirit that cloaks, chokes out, strangles and destroys lives, destiny, calling and birthright.
In talking about the Elijah anointing, we know that He was one who heard the voice of God. Are you able to legislate in the heavens? A Jezebel spirit is conquered by having a real relationship with Holy Spirit!

Praise God in the highest!

Who was Jezebel??

Jezebel was an actual person. Jezebel, the Biblical character, first appears in 1 Kings 16, when she marries Ahab, king of Israel. Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, the king and high priest of the Baal worshiping Sidonians. Baal worship was closely associated with obsessive sensuality and often involved sex acts. Jezebel, as a daughter of this perverse kingdom, was raised in an atmosphere where sex was a path to power and influence.
Ahab, King of Israel, was completely subdued and dominated by Jezebel (a type of modern man). Jezebel then introduced the worship of Ashtoroth to Israel. This god/goddess, represented the Canaanite culture of the moon, was a power-hungry goddess of love and sensuality. Priestess-prostitutes filled her shrines and serviced her worshipers. The lure of these legal, readily available erotic encounters was more than the men of Israel would resist. By Jezebel’s influence, most Israelite s, the northern kingdom, left the worship of God for Baal and Ashtoroth. The prophet Elijah laments that only 7000 men in the entire nation were not swayed by her control.

What kind of spirit

The Jezebel spirit is born of witchcraft and rebellion. This demon is one of the most common spirits in operation today, both in the church and in the world, and it is a powerful enemy of the body of Christ. She operates freely on sincere believers whose hearts are for God individually, and has also attained positions of power as powers and principalities within the Church. Sad but the truth! This spirit establishes its stronghold primarily in women; however, many men have been victimized by it as well, where it functions as a "controlling" spirit.

It manipulates with MONEY... using that a tool to those who are starting out.. or struggling Instead of Relying on GOD. Its very sneaky.. sub servant but s deviously watching and scaling everything up.  Once is has established a foothold.. Ground it will then infiltrate and bring others in.. also. BEWARE. They run in PACKS... HOw to DEAL with THIS.. Recognize it.. ask THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR CONFIRMATION. PRAY PRAY PRAY in JESUS NAME

The spirit of Jezebel is behind the daughter of Democracy, i. e. Feminism.
The Spirit of Jezebel is basically a controlling spirit working through the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. It has, in general, two aims:
To gain identity, glory, recognition, power, and satisfy the need for the "praises of men". This is a consequence of the desire for love and self-worth focused on SELF.
Secondly the Jezebel spirit is a men hater and seeks to emasculate all men, and divest them of their authority and power over others. It fosters a distrust and hatred of men in general. The "Jezebel spirit" is in a constant agitation, terribly aggressive, very determined, callous, controlling, selfish, power-hungry, manipulative, unrepentant, deceitful spirit, an overwhelmingly evil spirit, and those are mostly only it's good points! Indeed this spirit can be definitely named "Satan's woman".
There are two main types of the Jezebel spirit:
The high-profile type is generally gregarious, outspoken and highly visible. She is often seen as the "woman who wears the pants in the family".!!!!!!
The low-profile type is soft-spoken, giving the illusion of being solicitous, motherly, protective, even appearing very submissive. The low-profile type may be the most dangerous, as she is the most difficult to discern. She relies heavily on manipulation for her power, in extremely subtle performances.

Some Characteristics

Within these two main types there are two manifestations: the SEDUCER and the COOL.
The SEDUCER uses any type of seduction available to gain control and power,
When i mention Seduction you would think smooth in your face all over you type. Oh no. This is the most hideous sneaky snake. It Seduces you as soon as it speaks. It has a spell on its words.
So all arouynd comes under its spell. saducing spell. They cannot see the truth.  He or She will have many people Enuchs at their side. Playing one off the other!
keeping them all in line and all in comtrol. So that they all can be kept under manipulation and control also. It gains information. It goes behind your back and tries to Divide. Saducing People.
Its main aim is saduce leaders. so they can access to authority at the church. Then the snake is in. DIVINATION and satan is in! False moves with be taking place and things will be off. They will be manipulating and bending over bacwards for you. but behind your back Curses you! 
 as a method of manipulation but specializes in spiritual seduction to operate on both males and females. Her seduction usually uses subtle flattery and her seduction is spiritual fornication.
Men are particularly blind and easy victims to the subtleties of this seduction, as she flatters them with her attention. Women seduced by the Jezebel are blinded to their own seduction, as they do not expect it, or are not aware of such manipulation. I pray people awake right now.. That any spiritual blinders be taken off and the spirit of Jezebel be revealed in Jesus Christ Name amen!
A good example of the COOL Jezebel personality can frequently be seen as the efficient (and often plain) executive assistant at the side of a powerful businessman or church leader. This Jezebel often lacks a gregarious personality, but may be very outspoken and aggressive. As pastors they bounce around the stage, they spin lies and twist the truth. They prophesy falsely and give words of Knowledge and wisdoms including tongue interpretations falsely! If you have had hands laid on by this spirit the Lord will deliver you from its clutches. Praise God for the power of Jesus Christ’s blood!
Some of this spirit’s features:


This spirit works in "private", people outside her circle hardly know her manoeuvrings and are an easy pray for manipulation. Those that are possessed by her tend to defend her from any form of criticism. The spirit is a deceiver where Jesus Christ is concerned, the spirit works well in a cult type organization or somewhere where you can clearly see there are problems. This spirit will blame the fact the there is no GROWTH at the church on the word of God. “People don’t stay around the word being preached“. That is absolute rubbish! She will manipulate a new believer in saying there is no other church like ours around. There is no where that preaches the word etc.. Only for you to find out actually it is a LIE and there are many bible/word based true Christian fellowships and churches with true believers there including a decent worship team. Of course the spirit of Jezebel is not going to like the worship of god properly only controlled by itself so it can cut of the spirit of God from moving in the service. It will bellow and deafen and repeat the same drab boring dead stuff week after week to a church who is dead themselves. When anyone visit’s the majority never come back. That should be an idea there is something majorly wrong in a church organization!


Jezebel hates men and majors in destroying them or women who are of the true and living God Jesus Christ. She will hate a persons beauty also. She will hate true prophets of GOD….She cannot have a true Godly relationship with men; because her desire is to strip them of all their perceived power and then destroy them, to emasculate them emotionally and spiritually.


Jezebels revile (despise and show no respect for) authority over her. Building on "dislike of authority" (especially of men since they are frequently the authority figure) coupled with rebellion, she hates anyone placed in authority over her (particularly men), and seeks to destroy them and take their power. Jezebel sees herself as the "goddess on the pedestal".


Jezebel is extremely power-hungry, respecting only power stronger than her own. She disdains or considers herself superior to anyone she perceives as having no power, or power less than hers. She works through her conquest to attain power over others. They are busy doing nothing, it may look very impressive but in actual fact the office and church has not much input at all. There is nothing happening all part of the deception, there is no outreach to the community. There is no cell groups or fellowship outside of the church services. There is no support for people in the church fellowship and things are not done in the usual church organization format. You will hear we don’t do elders we don’t do anything like that and they will put on a pedestal their teacher and mentor who is also a false teacher. These are all signs to look out for with a Jezebel spirit operating in the church management.


This spirit from hell is very intelligent and finds very challenging to control and manipulate intellectually able people. She is able to manipulate them so well that actually they worship her.
Hard Worker
Jezebels are frequently "super achievers", which sadly is admired both in the church and business world. She is also a master in hinder others to achieve anything, kind of: doing everything she can to prevent others achieving their set goals for then criticize them for not having achieved these aims.

Self Worship

Internally Jezebel worships herself even though externally she may portray a picture of humility and submission. She is very proud of herself and extremely vain, and in her pride can only talk about herself. Constantly.. She will not listen to your walk your experiences your input its all about her!


She cannot suffer other getting attention over herself and she will do all she can to prevent others receiving attention and recognition. If one gets between Jezebel and the person she is trying to control, she'll attack most viciously, trying her best to destroy that relationship with that person. She will try and destroy his or her reputation, undermine his authority and generally stop at nothing to separate anyone from her intended "victim". Beware!


Jezebel uses other people as objects, where it suits her need, to gain control, influence and power. Once she has gained the control desired, she generally rejects and tosses the people aside. If they are in her family, she does this emotionally.

Queen Bee

Jezebel demands worship from others (the "queen-bee" syndrome). She must have dominance and control in her home. Other family members exist just to please her. Jezebel requires "worship" from her family and followers ... to be their "goddess".


The Jezebel is extremely authoritarian ("bossy") by nature, though subtly with the low profile type. She is easily offended if her authority is questioned, and will often respond with extreme anger at even the slightest offence. She demands blind loyalty.
Unrealistic Expectations of Others
Her expectations of others are always unrealistic, because others cannot meet her demand for complete submission. If they do try, she despises them and casts them aside when she has what she wants out of them. Anyone attempting to relate to a person with this spirit is literally in a "no-win situation". Nothing pleases this spirit.


Perfectionism is a common characteristic of the Jezebel, generating self-hatred in the victim, and a despising of others around her who fail to meet her exaggerated standards. This is part of the "unrealistic expectations" she has toward herself and others, but it is also an excuse for disrespect toward others, especially those in
authority since they don't "measure up" so she doesn't have to show respect, of course.

Seduction, Control, Manipulation

Control and manipulation are the strongest parts of the Jezebel nature. These are "spirits of witchcraft" and are extremely dangerous! Nearly everything the Jezebel does utilizes one or both spirits to attain her goal. Jezebel is the ultimate manipulator. The adulterous woman says: "This is the way of an adulteress: she eats and wipes her mouth and says, "I have done no wrong."" (Pro 30:20)
The first step in Jezebel’s work is to control her victim by seduction. She will use flattery, smooth prophetic sayings, pleasant words and seducing tears. She views children in a marriage as tools and weapons to manipulate hubby and family.
She knows how to use deep emotional hurts and wounds to manipulate and control as she creates apparent deep ties with others. Jezebel loves to pull people unto herself and away from those who can truly speak into their lives. Jezebel flows best in a whirlwind of confusion and turmoil, where she works best.


Jezebel is like a shark; she is most vicious and dangerous. She circles the lives of others looking for teachable, seducable, controllable, "disciples" of her own. Jezebel likes to birth spiritual children of her own as she looks for disciples to eat from her own table. She will look for those that are in rebellion, who are weak, wounded, or those who are contending, bucking, and fighting any established spiritual authority.
She will stop true prophets and warriors of God from working in the church environment and enjoy having people who are causing damage to the church work for her instead!


Jezebel is very possessive and domineering; she wants to control over others. Jezebel loves power, "Give me, give me, give me." You see, money is not really the issue with this spirit; it's Power and Authority that she's after. She likes to be in control of others life because she draws her strength from controlling others. She spiritually drains her victims. She uses faults or weaknesses she perceives in the person she is attempting to control to create feelings of shame or guilt, and therefore ultimately submission to her will. She also often uses fear and intimidation to manipulate others into submission to her. She will over ride your will and manipulate you in putting you into positions that you said you were praying over. She will go over your head! And tell people on your behalf when you have not even agreed. Manipulation!!


She uses self-pity and her own weaknesses to manipulate another into submitting to her out of compassion or pity. Feeling sorry for Jezebel, is not compassion, it's folly!
Even though often very gifted of the Lord, the Jezebel will frequently operate in the false discernment of the enemy by speaking words of knowledge gained from familiar spirits, and NOT from the Spirit of God. This is "witchcraft". The power of witchcraft is derived from Satan himself and every attempt at manipulation or control "sells out" more to Satan and strengthens the deception the Jezebel is under
She will even use prayer to manipulate the one she is attempting to control, especially audible prayed over that person to create the illusion, that doing Jezebel's will is actually "obeying God", or to generate fear or other emotion within the person which the Jezebel can then use for manipulation of them.
This is what Rev 2:20 is all about.

Wants Power

Jezebels are attracted to people of power like "moths to flames". Often, a very intelligent, efficient, attractive, and even blatant Jezebel can be found serving "at the feet" of prominent leaders, even in the church. The deception and/or seduction of the Jezebel is often so successful that the leader does not recognize who is at his right hand. The Jezebel's true desire is to wrest the power from the person being served. If that person is prophetic in nature, the actual mission is to destroy them by any means available (destroy their credibility, undermine their authority, discredit their ministry, cause them to fall into sexual temptation, etc.).
Jezebels are desirous of "moving up the ladder" wherever they are, not that ambition is always "evil". It's just another character trait to look for. However, you simply will not find a humble, repentant, democratic and non-ambitious Jezebel.


While Jezebel's beliefs system is obviously incorrect and evil, they are very firmly held beliefs.
Jezebels are usually people of deep convictions. As mentioned earlier, many people controlled by the Jezebel spirit have a true heart for God and earnestly desire to serve him. The original Jezebel (the Spirit's first noteworthy in queen of Israel) was devoutly religious, but was at total enmity with God. She worshiped at the altar of Baal (worship of the flesh). Modern day Jezebels may indeed believe they are serving the one true God; however, the true hidden agenda is "self-worship". In many cases they have a Private Interpretation on the Bible, but they will vehemently insist they are correct.

Murmuring, Complaint, and Criticism

Murmuring and complaint and criticism a type of spirit very popular everywhere, especially in the church, which one of the spirit most used by the evil one. She uses criticism of perceived faults in others to build up her own self-esteem, and to justify her disobedience of, or lack of respect for, others. Because she tends to perfectionism, any fault she finds in others is grounds for disobeying their authority. She uses criticism as a tool to manipulate those around her, and along with murmuring and complaint, causes divisiveness to weaken her opposition and thereby to gain control over and to destroy them. Not many people can work with her because she finds fault with everything they do.


Jezebels are "lustful spirits" with lust for power being primary; however, as mentioned earlier, their lust may be manifested sexually, if it will bring the desired result. The manifestation varies from a wife withholding sexual union from the husband for manipulative purposes, to utilizing sexual temptation to draw one more powerful into a compromised position that will cause their destruction or downfall.
Jezebel displays angry, vicious and sometimes violent behavior when opposed. She will turn on the one who refuses to do her will or submit to her (especially if she has been successful in manipulating this person in the past), frequently with a vicious, berating verbal attack aimed at humiliation and false accusations. The emotional damage caused by these outbreaks can be devastating to the one at whom she directs her wrath. This is often the source of terrible emotional wounds for her children and spouse. When this angry behavior happens in public, it often exposes the true spirit in operation to others who may have been previously deceived. Watch for it.!

Infirmities and Disease

Jezebels frequently enjoy people's  poor health, Have you ever felt insecure? Be careful, Jezebel loves to delve in the realm of insecurity. She will spot this in you "instantly" and then the seduction begins.


In addition to destroying those around her, Jezebel especially hates the prey she is controlling (remember the mission of Jezebel is to kill the prophets: the victim is often herself anointed of God to be prophetic), and will ultimately cause her victim to self-destruct. This is referred to as the "Black Widow spider syndrome" since black widow spiders kill their mates. In the spirit realm, there are two applications: 1. the Jezebel spirit seeks to kill the male authority figures (or prophets) and 2. She seeks to kill her victim, which is mated to her when Jezebel takes control of their life.


Jezebels curse everyone, unwittingly bringing a curse upon themselves, most of the time. Criticism is a form of cursing, both of the person being criticized, and of God their Maker. Murmuring and complaint is a cursing of circumstances, which also curses God for allowing them. Jezebel is a master of criticism, murmuring and complaint, as mentioned previously. Often those whom she is at enmity with are deliberately cursed in a conscious effort to "punish" and "bring them back into line" to bring them back under her control. Jezebel firmly believes she has right on her side in doing these things, and displays vicious and callous disregard for the well-being and independence of others, having convinced herself that it is ultimately for their good as well and that she knows best and really has their best interests at heart in doing so. Those people who have been on the receiving side of Jezebel's curses feel the anger and the viciousness other curses acutely and many succumb to them. However, for those under the "protection of the Cross", these curses are most often transformed into blessings instead, leaving Jezebel sapped of emotional energy, frustrated, confused and completely defeated; wondering what went wrong?

Superiority Complex

Jezebels frequently perceive themselves as intellectually and spiritually superior to others, and "talk down " to others. This attitude is actually despising of others.
The Jezebel Spirit absolutely hates and shuns Repentance and Humility.
Because the Jezebel spirit is prideful and rebellious, she hates repentance and humility. These are two mighty weapons, which can be used against her. This is also the key in discerning this spirit -a pride-filled rebellious person refusing to repent.

Bitterness and Resentment

Bitterness and resentment against past hurts and offenses are nurtured in the victim by the Jezebel spirit, because she knows a root of bitterness will grow like a cancer and manifest itself in all sorts of physical ailments, which she can use as tools of manipulation, as noted above. Of course, this cancer of bitterness is also slowly destroying the victim. In many cases, the countenance of the victim gradually grows more and more unattractive, and in the end, victims controlled by the Jezebel spirit may resemble the very witch like crones often used to symbolize witchcraft -where this spirit is birthed. The victim rots from the inside out, physically and spiritually, and it shows. People eventually find Jezebel's "Spiritual ugliness" very repulsive.

Jezebel Covens

Many Jezebels will be drawn to the most influential Jezebel in operation. Though this is done unconsciously, it has the effect of creating a fully-fledged and very effective witches' coven, with a "high priestess" in charge with devastating results! You can see them spread all over the country in the Feminist organizations.

Jezebel and Children:

Jezebel's view of children is perverted. She says she loves them, but she really doesn't even know how to love them, using them as weapons to advance her own selfish needs. Children are simply pawns in her power and control games. Indeed the trend now all over the Western world is to have very few children, if any. A Jezebel Feminist said: "The most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it."
Jezebel will home in on the more vulnerable children. The damaged type of child who has been through lots as a child already and she will make sure that she has people in operation who are damaging them even further. She will talk absolute nonsense when spoken to about this and will deny all and twist and turn things on others to hide the deception going on. Her own children will not be walking the way they are supposed to be if Jezebel is in a leadership role at church. Her own children will be doing the opposite of what she preaches and teaches. This is a clear  indicator that something is wrong. Her own children also will not spend too much time withe her in the church environment because they have been beaten up and criticized so much throughout they know what she is all about! She will blame the word being preached and satan on the reasons why her own children do not walk with the Lord but the real reason is because of HER! Ahab husband is weak and passive and has let things go on all along. WOE to him... Just like Adam did!

Jezebel is a classic "Back-stabber":

Jezebel is the classic back-stabber, She will smile at you, give you a hug and a kiss and then, as soon as you turn-around, stab you in the back, repeatedly, with vigor, enjoying every wound she inflicts. She is a most vicious and devious spirit. Beware.
This, just to mention only a few of the characteristics of this very evil spirit from Hell.
What about the Spirit of Ahab?

One thing to be noted in these days is that in general there are more women in church than men. This occurs when the "spiritual and natural" head of the family is the women. Men have the tendency to "run to the hills" when women infringe upon their roles.
The spirit of Ahab is a weak and emasculated figure, indeed the majority of modern men are under that spirit, enslaved to their women. There is an adage that says: "There are two kind of people in this world: those who rule and those that are ruled, if you do not rule you are ruled".
The couple Jezebel and Ahab represent very well our present society.
It is Jezebel that was the more spiritual, it was her that took the leading role, Jezebel used Ahab’s emotional stresses to endear herself to him, it was this woman that drove her husband to do what she wanted, she was ruling the roost in every aspect. Is not that a picture of our Democratic culture?
But what happens when the woman takes the leading role that God had prescribed for men?
If a woman plays her husband’s role in directing the family, he will lose his natural drive to bear responsibility.
When a woman takes the lead, she is playing the masculine role. Unless her husband fights her for supremacy, he must assume second place. And men who are forced into subjection to their wives tend to be an dejected and retreat like Ahab. They are push over’s and don’t speak up!
When a husband steps into a spiritual role at his wife’s command, he becomes vulnerable to her guidance in that role. This is against God’s directives and the nature He gave, and often brings conflict in the family and in the church.
Many men turn their heads when they see their wives stepping out of their God given role. These men would rather not have to deal with the stone-cold anger they would receive from their wives if they offered any resistance. Have you seen that behavior here and there?

Ahab chose not to notice when his wife worked behind the scenes. Many men turn their heads when they see their wives stepping out of their God-given role. Jezebel knew that she was not the rightful head, so she invoked her husband’s name to give her word authority. Did you ever hears it said, "Oh, my husband will not let me do that," when you knew in truth he really would not care? It is a way to maintain control and stop those who would question you. When a woman does this, she stops any ministry God has to her.
Jezebel was deeply concerned about spiritual matters and took steps to help promote her spiritual leaders. In the process, she provoked her husband to destroy those in spiritual authority she did not like. Have you ever seen women influencing their husbands to think evil of those in authority because you did not like something about them? When a woman comes to this place she might as well change her name to "Jezebel."
The fact is that man is made in such a way that he has no defense against the love of a righteous wife, but if he falls into the end of a Jezebel, truly is life will be hell on earth.

How  potientially powerful is the demon of Jezebel ?

For seven years, God had carefully protected Elijah. God fed him in the wilderness. When Ahab’s armies sought to kill Elijah, they were unable to lay a single finger on him.
Finally, in a showdown at Mt. Carmel, Elijah called down fire from heaven and resoundingly defeated and killed the priests of Baal. All Israel fell at his feet in repentance, worshiping the true God. Elijah was the man of the hour. He was vindicated, victorious, and clearly in charge.
Nevertheless, when Jezebel sent Elijah a single threat, he suddenly turned coward and fled to the desert. Anxious, depressed, and miserable, he begged God to kill him!. Elijah enjoyed supernatural protection for seven years. He watched fire fall from heaven and defeat his enemies, yet when a single angry woman threatened him one time, he lost every shred of vision and ran away. He moaned in self-pity and depression, begging God to kill him! Surely that was a magnificent display of God’s power and that power was with Elijah, but at a word from Jezebel he forgot all that and ran in fear. Surely that must have annoyed the Lord at least a little, for it seems that in that occasion Elijah feared more Jezebel that the Lord God.
This is a great example of Jezebel’s powerful demonic "anointing" to intimidate, create fear, and cause men of God to withdraw. Jezebel steals our vision. Jezebel will even make us depressed and anxious when there is nothing significantly different in our circumstances if you will let it!. If there are difficult circumstances, this spirit will tell us they are insurmountable, impossible, and overwhelming. Jezebel will make us feel like dying when in reality, we are God’s man of the hour. They will do nothing to help you.. In fact quite the opposite and do all in their power to destroy you further!
Jezebel’s witchcraft will attack key leaders in her targeted area through intimidation. Those under attack may awaken one morning to find it takes effort just to breathe. All joy seems to depart. Spiritual life seems irrelevant. Demonic voices will echo in our minds "something’s wrong with you!" We may suddenly find ourselves in unreasonable anxiety, fearing tragedy or death. Much of what is called "depression" in the ministry is simply Jezebel.
Jezebel wants to paralyze with fear, condemnation, depression, apathy or whatever it takes until we withdraw. The only answer for those under Jezebel’s attack is perseverance in battle. We must remain on course no matter how long it takes! FOCUS only on JESUS! Don't look to the left or the right. FIX YOUR EYES ONLY ON JESUS AND HIS WORD!
Because of the great deception with this spirit people are looking for all certain characteristics that man have conjured up. Not all may be present, but a majority. You must use discernment and if you suspect anything As soon as you ask the Lord to show you HE WILL! He will show you in His word and if you don't understand that He will shows you by the spirits actions towards you. Take the authority Jesus Gave you and stand up and say NO. Get away from the deception and get to the HOLY SPIRIT who will heal you from any witchcraft and deception caused. God is a wonderful God and is waiting for His true warriors and servants to ask HIM.


The war continues today between Jezebel and Elijah.  Like all wars, there are casualties. Leaders sometimes fall. Soldiers sometimes withdraw. Jezebel wants to keep the church and the world within its present boundaries. She claims to decide the extent of the church locally. We must not tolerate this.
What we must do
First, we must rid ourselves of Jezebel’s ways. We cannot cast out lust when we harbor lust in our lives. We cannot bring down a spirit of control if we use manipulation and hype to control our congregations. We must examine our own ways, and repent of Jezebel.
Second, it takes Jehu. Although Elijah was Jezebel’s enemy, it took JEHU to trample Jezebel.
Jehu took no prisoners and showed no mercy to Jezebel. He had singleness of purpose and was driven by it. As he approached Jezebel those who saw his chariot noted he "drives furiously" (2Ki 9:20). When others offered peace and compromise, Jehu responded "How can there be peace as long as the harlotry and witchcraft of Jezebel are many?" (2Ki 9:22)
This is repeated in the NT: "What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever?" (2Co 6:15) NO COMPROMISE
Jehu would not rest until Jezebel was dead. Her pleasures could not attract him. Her threats did not deter him. He would not tolerate Jezebel.
Jesus says we too cannot TOLERATE Jezebel. (Rev 2:20) We must learn the prophetic power of the word "No!" We must give no ground.
When Jezebel attempted to captivate Jehu, he did not even allow himself to be drawn into conversation with her. Instead, he called on her eunuchs (a type of today’s men) to cast her down from her balcony. Those with the Jehu anointing will call to Jezebel’s emasculated slaves to rise up above their miserable situation, and they too will cast her down, and be set free.
"NO" is the operative word against Jezebel, when those in spiritual authority say "NO" to her, she is ready for war. Remember, Jezebel is a warring spirit who is always dressed for battle.
Brothers and sisters, the time is over nigh, the time is well passed, but we must stand and we must rise up and regain our God given position. What shall we say to our beloved Master, Christ Jesus, when He will ask us: "what have you done with the life I gave you?". There will be lowering of heads and faint voices: "You know, I knew it was going on. But I was too afraid to stand up and do something Lord“.
We must work all of one accord with a Sword in one hand and holding each others hand at the same time!. We must unite in Love and expose and destroy the spirit of Jezebel by the one and only power Jesus Christ. It characteristics cannot be hidden. People are aware of it and how it behaves. Question is are people willing to stand up and take control in Jesus name of the demonized person yielding to the Jezebel spirit or instead are they going to just stand by and be controlled and deceived also.
Are you more afraid of people than you are of GOD? Or to keep the peace you are making your self more important than the Lord is. Jesus did not sit back and watch stuff go one that was bad or evil. He stood up and challenged rebuked and corrected the religious people who were hypocrites. Do you fear God or people? or are you more important than God and his kingdom than to say something or do something?
One day you will have to stand before almighty God. Will He say oh great and faithful servant or will He say I never knew depart from me?

One day soon THE SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL and its demonized co workers will stand before HIM too. WOE TO THEM. And WOE to the AHAB spirit who let it happen! I have personally dealt with the spirit myself and it isn’t nice but boy did they take on GOD! They are no match for Almighty GOD!

Isaiah 29

Woe to Jerusalem

1 “Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city where David dwelt!
Add year to year;
Let feasts come around.
2 Yet I will distress Ariel;
There shall be heaviness and sorrow,
And it shall be to Me as Ariel.
3 I will encamp against you all around,
I will lay siege against you with a mound,
And I will raise siege works against you.
4 You shall be brought down,
You shall speak out of the ground;
Your speech shall be low, out of the dust;
Your voice shall be like a medium’s, out of the ground;
And your speech shall whisper out of the dust.
5 “ Moreover the multitude of your foes
Shall be like fine dust,
And the multitude of the terrible ones
Like chaff that passes away;
Yes, it shall be in an instant, suddenly.
6 You will be punished by the LORD of hosts
With thunder and earthquake and great noise,
With storm and tempest
And the flame of devouring fire.
7 The multitude of all the nations who fight against Ariel,
Even all who fight against her and her fortress,
And distress her,
Shall be as a dream of a night vision.
8 It shall even be as when a hungry man dreams,
And look—he eats;
But he awakes, and his soul is still empty;
Or as when a thirsty man dreams,
And look—he drinks;
But he awakes, and indeed he is faint,
And his soul still craves:
So the multitude of all the nations shall be,
Who fight against Mount Zion.”

The Blindness of Disobedience

9 Pause and wonder!
Blind yourselves and be blind!
They are drunk, but not with wine;
They stagger, but not with intoxicating drink.
10 For the LORD has poured out on you
The spirit of deep sleep,
And has closed your eyes, namely, the prophets;
And He has covered your heads, namely, the seers.
11 The whole vision has become to you like the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one who is literate, saying, “Read this, please.”
And he says, “I cannot, for it is sealed.”
12 Then the book is delivered to one who is illiterate, saying, “Read this, please.”
And he says, “I am not literate.”
13 Therefore the Lord said:
“ Inasmuch as these people draw near with their mouths
And honour Me with their lips,
But have removed their hearts far from Me,
And their fear toward Me is taught by the commandment of men,
14 Therefore, behold, I will again do a marvellous work
Among this people,
A marvellous work and a wonder;
For the wisdom of their wise men shall perish,
And the understanding of their prudent men shall be hidden.”
15 Woe to those who seek deep to hide their counsel far from the LORD,
And their works are in the dark;
They say, “Who sees us?” and, “Who knows us?”
16 Surely you have things turned around!
Shall the potter be esteemed as the clay;
For shall the thing made say of him who made it,
“ He did not make me”?
Or shall the thing formed say of him who formed it,
“ He has no understanding”?
Future Recovery of Wisdom
17 Is it not yet a very little while
Till Lebanon shall be turned into a fruitful field,
And the fruitful field be esteemed as a forest?
18 In that day the deaf shall hear the words of the book,
And the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity and out of darkness.
19 The humble also shall increase their joy in the LORD,
And the poor among men shall rejoice
In the Holy One of Israel.
20 For the terrible one is brought to nothing,
The scornful one is consumed,
And all who watch for iniquity are cut off—
21 Who make a man an offender by a word,
And lay a snare for him who reproves in the gate,
And turn aside the just by empty words.
22 Therefore thus says the LORD, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob:
“ Jacob shall not now be ashamed,
Nor shall his face now grow pale;
23 But when he sees his children,
The work of My hands, in his midst,
They will hallow My name,
And hallow the Holy One of Jacob,
And fear the God of Israel.
24 These also who erred in spirit will come to understanding,
And those who complained will learn doctrine.”
In Jesus Christ Name Amen!

I felt this was an important message. The spirit needs exposing! Beware of this FALSE TEACHER! In Jesus Christ HOLY NAME. Don’t go around accusing people of this spirit that’s the wrong thing to do. Do the powerful thing to do PRAY.. Use the tools God has given you in Warfare. He will back you up You are not alone in this. And this spirit was defeated and can be defeated as it was before!. The spirit of Jezebel is in for a rough ride! Be blessed this fine January in 2012.
We will continue with the end of our study of 1Corinthians 13:1-8 perhaps next week. Look out for more teachings and videos at the you tube site also

Are you ready for the truth?

Love Lisa

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 Message! 1/1/12

Hello and God Bless you... Well a new year is upon us. 2012!

Number 12 biblically means DIVINE GOVERNMENT.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a happy and successful 2012 in all you do. Christ being your center. Take time this New month to spend quality time in His presence if you already know Him. But if you don't. Reach out to Him for the first time, He has been waiting to hear from you for a very long time with open arms.

I know what I will be doing personally this January 2012. That is checking over my 2011 list and seeing what was accomplished and ticked off. I will be praising God for that and then writing a new one adding any things that are still left to accomplish to this New one. I wont be discouraged... or give up on them oh NO! I will be praising God for what He has already done...You know you would be surprised at what you really can accomplish in one year. Please let me take this opportunity to encourage you to continue with any vision you have in your heart. Keep going.. sometimes it takes a while for fruit to show up in your life... In order to live in Kingdom living you MUST live by Faith..... as we know in previous blogs that Faith is believing on things not seen....  So if you have been waiting a while for things to materialize in your life. E.g. The list you had for 2011 or previous years that you have not yet seen come to fruition. Do NOT give up on these. If it is one of Gods promises or you  have had a personal word from God to you and not through another then you can be assured it will come to pass.. But on y if you use FAITH. God is a faith God, its says in the bible the Just shall live by Faith.. faith in God and His precious promises. These promises all in the bible or a private word given to you through the Holy Spirit that is for you. We are to sow the word of God in our life... Take as look at a teaching from Rodney Howard Browne:


Foundation Scriptures: Mark 4:2-8, Mark 4:14-20

It’s time to pay attention, hear and listen by Rodney Howard Browne
  1. Jesus starts this parable in verse 3 with these words: Give attention to this! And ends in verse 9: “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”
  2. The preacher, preaching the word, is the sower of seed.
  3. God’s word is living and powerful and gives you power and victory over the enemy.
  4. When cultivated it produces fruit in varying degrees: fruit, more fruit and much fruit.
  5. Unless our hearts are prepared to receive the seed of the word, we cannot grow in grace or knowledge.
  6. The devil is the enemy of God’s word in your life and will steal it from you anyway he can.
  7. The devil knows that the best time to destroy a tree is at its genesis—when it is young and small—before or shortly after it starts to grow and definitely before it sends its roots solidly down into the earth.
  8. The seed of the word is the same in each case—it is the soil that makes the difference between success and failure.
  9. YOUR heart and life is the soil.
Verse 15: The ones along the path are those who have the Word sown [in their hearts], but when they hear, Satan comes at once and [by force] takes away the message which is sown in them.
  1. These people receive the word negligently.
  2. They hear the Word with hardhearted indifference.
  3. They are not listening and not paying attention.
  4. They need to hear it, but are not ready or willing to hear.
  5. The devil has no trouble snatching the word away from them.
  6. They walk away with nothing.
Verse 16-17: And in the same way the ones sown upon stony ground are those who, when they hear the Word, at once receive and accept and welcome it with joy; And they have no real root in themselves, and so they endure for a little while; then when trouble or persecution arises on account of the Word, they immediately are offended (become displeased, indignant, resentful) and they stumble and fall away.
  1. The Message Bible: And some are like the seed that lands in the gravel. When they first hear the Word, they respond with great enthusiasm. But there is such shallow soil of character that when the emotions wear off and some difficulty arrives, there is nothing to show for it.
  2. These people actually stop to listen.
  3. They get really excited initially, but it is merely an emotional response, nothing more.
  4. They have not developed any character in their life—they are very shallow.
  5. Because their soil is shallow, the roots of the word can’t get a good grip.
  6. They believe (endure) for a little while.
  7. Like a hot sun, trouble (hardships) and persecution arises on account of the word.
  8. When these people encounter pressure or difficulty, they are instantly offended—they become displeased, indignant and resentful.
  9. They blame it on God and His Word and back off from the word.
  10. They stumble and fall away, turning their back on God.
  11. This outside pressure does not just make them back off it leaves them personally offended. This offense robs them of God’s blessings.
Verse 18-19: And the ones sown among the thorns are others who hear the Word; Then the cares and anxieties of the world and distractions of the age, and the pleasure and delight and false glamor and deceitfulness of riches, and the craving and passionate desire for other things creep in and choke and suffocate the Word, and it becomes fruitless.
  1. The Message Bible: The seed cast in the weeds represents the ones who hear the kingdom news but are overwhelmed with worries about all the things they have to do and all the things they want to get. The stress strangles what they heard, and nothing comes of it.
  2. Notice that this soil is already full of thorns and weeds.
  3. These people hear the word and receive it and it is able to grow up a little bit.
  4. Unfortunately, they take their eyes off of the word—they become distracted and preoccupied with the cares and riches of this life and the word in them is choked and suffocated to death.
  5. Instead of focusing on the answer—Jesus—they focus on the problem.
  6. Worry, covetousness and lust are weeds that choke the Word of God in your life.
  7. Their fruit does not ripen—the Word of God becomes unfruitful in their life.
Verse 20: And those sown on the good (well-adapted) soil are the ones who hear the Word and receive and accept and welcome it and bear fruit—some thirty times as much as was sown, some sixty times as much, and some [even] a hundred times as much.
  1. The Message Bible: But the seed planted in the good earth represents those who hear the Word, embrace it, and produce a harvest beyond their wildest dreams.
  2. The good ground represents the prepared heart that receives the seed and produces fruit; produces a harvest.
  3. These people hear the Word and embrace it—they receive it, accept it, and welcome it for themselves.
  4. This is the only appropriate response to the Word of God—the only one that will produce any fruit.
  5. Luke 8:15 AMP says that those with good soil hold the word fast in a just, noble, virtuous and worthy heart and steadily bring forth fruit with patience.
  6. The Word of God is allowed to grow and keep growing in their heart and life in spite of life’s circumstances; in spite of trials and temptations.
  7. These are genuine disciples.
  8. They produce a harvest of good fruit in varying amounts 30, 60 or 100-fold.
How do I walk in God’s best?
  1. Commit to personally receive and obey the Word of God.
  2. Put your flesh under—don’t yield to fleshly desires.
  3. Don’t believe the devil’s lies—hide the word in your heart so that you will recognize the truth.
  4. Don’t lose your focus—know what you believe.
  5. Don’t cave in under pressure—hang in longer than the devil.
This teaching is perfect  I felt it was appropriate to put it up here!

We are to believe God, His promises and word! The bible states " ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD....ONLY BELIEVE"

Hold on to your vision this New Year.... If you don't have one its always a good time to plan and pray one in. God has a perfect plan for your life, In fact he planned it before you were born if you look in:

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future ."

Your Father In Heaven Loves you so much... He has great a mighty things waiting for you.... He wants you to prosper ( be successful in all things) He is the Father of Hope. He is the Father of Future. No one holds your future in your hands unless you let them. Don't let anyone be the pilot of your life except God.. He promises you ,He has great and mighty things for you... to help you succeed. For you to have much fruit.. He wants you to experience His love in your life. There is no love like it.. Nothing can compare to it.. Nothing can over take it. His love is selfless and TRUE! His vision for you is the RIGHT one.. Not the one the world has for you... Not the one that gives you false pleasures or satisfactions. This is an everlasting.. POWERFUL... Righteous plan for your life... Submit to Him today.. Give Him your time and love. You wont be disappointed. In fact you will encounter your everlasting Father.. The prince of Peace.

Ephesians 1:18
"I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints" AMEN.

Make you New years resolution... Speaking His promises into your life... getting to know Jesus and your Father in Heaven. With resolutions like that. You can't not but Succeed.

God Bless you this 2012... May I take this opportunity to say LOVE YOU.... watch out for fantastic teachings at Loves Living Word Ministries and The Shekinahlove channel you tube.

The Holy Fire is here!

Are you ready for the Truth?

Love Lisa xxx

Acts 26:18

"To open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.'