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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A poem... by Lisa Tierney

Without HIM we are nothing!

God reaches to places man could never reach
His heights are infinitely beyond
His love remains steadfast, stable unchanged
even when He has been wronged
Such a sweet voice steering inside my head
urging me to keep going on
release to me my child the pain within
Let me sing you a new song!

So as I release re new refresh In Him
I feel the strength re build once again within
His fragrance emanates, within my soul
His warmth and joy fills in that hole
to overflowing with and everlasting love
as i stand in awe as look on above
To our maker the one who has paved the way
The bringer of Light and peace for every day

Father my love, My all, My Life
help me tame the darkness the evil the strife
that constantly knocks on your servants door
Your blood cover this, I stand firm so sure
as the fiery darts horde after horde hit the floor.
My God My all My Life so true
where would I be if I was without you.

A rainbow in the sky, a message, a sign
your gentle voice conveying what is divine
Your precious gifts within me growing strong,
Relaying what you need to be known
How great is your love a love through all time
unchanging, stable, simply divine..
The blood you shed once and for all for me and mine
Keeps me going until the end of all time.

By Lisa Tierney 19/09/11 Copy writed to Lisa Tierney

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