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Saturday, 21 May 2011

This weeks Message...

Hello guys, I trust you have had a wonderful week. God is so good, Loves Living Word Ministries Uk has been very busy this week. God healed a 78 year old lady who had a very bad fall and was found on the floor this week. This lady is recently saved praise God. God made sure that even after a bad fall and a very sore rib area and body that she was free from pain. She was dazed, confused and very unsettled however Gods peace enveloped her. His peace was upon the whole family.
She had his angels and favor at the hosptal also, in fact she was out the same day and seen within a few hours in a very busy hospital in Liverpool. (she noted that this has not happened before and on other occasions they had been there hours upon hours.) This is how God works. He doesnt want anyone to suffer and takes care of the very small details aswell.  How good is God! I am please to say that this lady has now moved in with her son, who is a nurse so God is looking after her very well. She has a very special daughter who is a nurse also who stayed by her side throughout. This is all in a few short days! Prayer is a powerful tool and so is the laying of hands which was adminisitered to this lady and boy has God done his work. Gods word spoken over her helped in the healing process and within a few days she looked so bright and well.Loves Living Word Ministries Uk has contunued to support the family and this is ongoing!
God loves her so much, he loves all his children even 78 year old children!
Loves Living  Word Ministries Uk saw another lady come into the kingdom of God this week. How wonderful!
This lady has been under the influence of demonic stuff. She opened herself and her family up to darkness by being involved in tarot, spiritism, meduimship and the occult in general. She had experienced terrible consequences to this including a house fire and many other opressive situations. The devil steps in when a person has an awareness that there is something else, some are more aware that its not just us than others. Some dont care, dont be like that because one day you will.
God saw this ladies heart and Loves Living Word Ministries Uk was able to guide her through many scriptures concerning occult practises and the deception of the devil. It shows that all are an abomination to God and all are run by the disguised "angel of light" Satan as said in scripture. I know this too well having experienced occult backlash myself by being sensitive to the spirit realm. I was  (an ex medium, audient and voyant). I found out that Gods word is the ultimate truth and the sad things was it had been there all along, I just hadnt took the time to read it and unfortnately not been shown the truth by the church at the time! Well the last place you are going to read is the boring bible right? How wrong I was!  It is not just me but billions of people have found out the wonders of Gods breathed word through His prophets. And it really did change my life for the better. I was freed from tormenting spirits that had attached themselves to me. Back to this lady, she through prayer recieved Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She is now free from the control and dominion of satan, She is keen to come to Living Faith Fellowship, my home church and burnt all stuff related to darkness her tarot cards! God is so good His mercy endures forever it says in the Psalms. Even though what she was doing was an abomination to Him as said in scripture; He made sure The Holy Ghost directed Loves Living Word Ministries to her just in time. She was really at the end of her rope having gone through so much. Loves Living Word Ministries is giving her on going support through prayer, comfort and guidance. God has reached her, He saw that the family was in need of help and that it was way out of mans control. He is the God of the supernateral, nothing can stand against Him. As there have been many unseen events this week;
I have not yet had chance to finish this weeks message. So after careful consideration, I am going to continue with this message next week instead.   1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Recieve the gift of Love.
Praise God, Loves Living Word Ministries Uk has been so busy!

Please take this opportunity to go over all blog messages concerning 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and you will be refreshed and ready to continue next week. Take notes, meditate on Gods scriptures given and seek the Holy Spirit for guidance and illumination. God Bless you this weekend.

Take a look at this website, It is a great explanation of occult practises and what the truth; the bible says about these. They are instructions in the bible for your benefit not Gods He loves you, Jesus died for you. Jesus's Ministry consisted of healing ( freeing) ALL who were opressed of the devil for God was with Him" Acts 10:38 So many peoples lives have been altered due to going to see a psychic's and taking on board what they have said. Even if they have ment well, they are under deception a spirit of didvintaion just like the slave girl was in Acts 16:16 . The Psychic says part truth only and it is from the devil. He wants to people to make the wrong choices based on what the psychic says alter the course of their life and to stop you receiveing what is rightfully yours. Dont Let him!
She talking rubbish? No, It is fact whether you believe it or not. Why? The bible says so and its has proven the only source of truth over and over by what has been prophecied throughout history to have come to pass. No other source has come close.. See my previous blogs. Take a look at Leviticus 19:31"'Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God."  Isaiah 8:9 "When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living?"
How do I know all this well the bible showed me? I was under the deception too! I nearly lost everything,( if you are nice and good by nature you may be having a hard time) Go to Gods word, He will show you what to do. Dont make that same mistake I did with the occult! Steer clear of all such things. Why do I care? LOVE! And I have just seen the devastating affects it has with many including the lady we have shared about this week. I was like the Paul, one of Gods apostles who thought He was working for God and infact he found out that He was working for satan instead. God saw His heart saw that He indeed did love God but he was nder great deception so Jesus spoke to Him and said "Saul, Saul ( his name then) we do you persecute me"? ACTS 9:4 read it!

God Loves You, Jesus Died for you so you could see the truth and live in it.

Recieve His Love right now today!

Are you ready for the Truth?

Lisa Uk

If you have any concerns or want advice please contact me I would be very glad to support you

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