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Saturday, 9 March 2013


Hello and GOD BLESS YOU.....I trust you have been well. 


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you Mothers out there, Me being one :) Precious GIFT!

Here is a lengthly Intercessory Prayer for Single mothers on Mothers day, For People who have lost their mum through what ever way. For Mothers who are sick, For children, For reconciliation of absentee fathers and much more!!!!! In agreement with anyone who wants to agree. Please join me and read this HOLY GHOST inspired POWERFUL prayer. Thank you....

"Heavenly Father, I thank you for who you are and For the LOVE you show many through their mothers. 
Thank you for the gift of mother hood, AS CHILDREN ARE AN INHERITANCE from you.... TO US your children.
What a precious gift. 
I thank you many will be blessed tomorrow and many will be celebrating But This prayer Father is about those that are struggling and not experiencing all of that especially at the national holidays this being Mothers day tomorrow. So i pray in advance Lord with anyone who joins me so You can go head Because you hover over your word to perform it the bible says.. You also Hear the prayers of your children and you are faithful to answer as we have Jesus our High priest in Heaven. 

Heavenly Father, I lift up all the single mothers all over the world to you now, Who are alone, without help and support.
Who shoulder the job of two by themselves. 
Thank you for your Grace for these mums.. Give them your shoulder LORD, send them your ANGELS Lord, to assist them in all they do. Remind them including me of your goodness in ways they have never seen or encountered before. Ephesians 3 

Release to them NEW HOPE, NEW HELP, NEW LOVE through you. Thank you for showering them with HEAVENLY gifts this mothers day and the whole year through. Show them that you care, that you are there and that you never leave their side as you said in Hebrews. 
Release to them afresh perspective so that they may be able to cope with the hardship they have endured being one instead of two. Help them cope in NEW WAY with YOU with times like their childs birthdays, Christmas, school or other occasion.
For Lord as you know this is when we feel the most strain and sadness. Let them know just how good a job they are doing and have done and let them see the precious jewels that they have given to their children just by them being one instead of two. 
Let them know that this is by far adequate and You are well pleased.

Father give these mothers their hearts desires, for you give good gifts to your children the bible says. .Help them release any fears or dashed hopes for their future and replace them with overflowing goodness and Justice.

Now Lord to the ones who have been abandoned by their partner or husband. Heal their hearts, Restore that which was stolen and lost Father with your WILL, your vision and your pathway. 
Convict the hearts of the absentee Fathers and show them that this is not the way or for the best interest of the child. ILLUMINATE to them the truth, For you Lord are the TRUTH..about the pain and suffering the child or children have go through also show them the pain, pressure and responsibility the mother has been left with.

I ask that YOUR WONDERFUL HEALING POWER Jehovah RAPHA surround the children and their hearts, restore to them that which was lost. Restore the brokenness felt and caused by rejection. Thank you Lord that your loving arms envelope your children and they are ever aware of you in their lives... 

Lord I thank you that all mothers all over the world feel the love of their children and to those who are without their mother Comfort them, Give them good memories and fill them with GLADNESS not sadness. 

Mother hood is a precious GIFT from you and I want to thank you for that precious gift.
Help those who are trying to become mothers Father.. Direct them Lord... GUIDE THEM.

Father For those who have not had children.. Let those ladies who feel a loss or the odd one out on mothers day know that they are very special too. Shower them with GIFTS TOO. Let them know how precious they are in your sight.

I thank you, you are preparing many for the role of foster carer or adoptions. Help all go smoothly in peoples lives with the ultimate goal of RESTORATION AND HEALING For the children, Your children.
Heal any mother who gave up their child or children through what ever circumstance.... remove condemnation and guilt from their hearts and show them its ok... and that they can restore that which was broken...Help both sides FORGIVE and move on.... to a RIGHT FUTURE with YOU>>>> remove bitterness, resentment, lies obstacles that may prevent this from taking place Father. You are a God of reconciliations... I sing GLORY To your name LORD.

To the Mothers who have lost children.. OH LORD comfort them tomorrow on mothers day..... Remind them that their baby or babies sees your face and that of the angels in heaven as the bible says... Console their soul LORD.. HEAL THEM. IN JESUS NAME>

For the mothers who are with a sick child and going through tremendous pressure and heart ache BRING THE CURE> JESUS CHRIST into their lives.. take the load from them Lord. Help them get through that which is to come. Thank you FATHER. Comfort those babies LORD. Release from them the anguish, the pain, the worry and fear. And bring to them your word and truth that says You are hope and the future and that by your stripes we are already healed.
You love performing MIRACLES, help these mothers have faith in you, the only living GOD For you are the GREAT God who performs GREAT MIRACLES, Help them and US BELIEVE. Send support to them in the form of your ministering angels FLAMES of fire.. Release the HOLY GHOST into their loves. Guide the Doctors nurses and government in their roles in helping at this time. LET your influence be seen and heard!

We know there are many many suffering children in the world Lord so I ask that you bring mothers to those children who need a word, or that kind smile ,a few seconds of love which goes a long long way to the ones without a loving mother in their lives. BRING upon many many people a mothers heart LORD...Show them not to turn their head when the see a child who looks disheveled and broken Help us all see past this to the truth and that they need that be touch of love and support that will radiate for generations to come! 

And finally to the mothers who are sick themselves. Who anguish in their beds as to how they will take care of their children.
and to those children who have taken on the role of looking after their mother. Ease the Load...... STEP IN LORD. Remove their worry and concern and move on the receptive peoples hearts the ones who faithfully love and hear you.... to help. Again bring the necessary support both from the government and the medical field BUT YOU FATHER being the HEALING BALM OF GILEAD, Bring supernatural relief in JESUS NAME. 

Thank you Father for giving us an awareness of what it is like to shoulder the responsibility of two ~ alone and help others be more receptive to help out and change things. 

This is the GOSPEL, to To heal those who are oppressed, depressed, hard done too. 

I PRAY that we all really get to understand what you said in

Mathew 25:35 onwards and that what ever is done to them is done to you personally...

That we all examine our hearts and motives. We all show LOVE in ways we didnt even know possible because we have let you in! 
Help us stay true to you...... IN ALL TRUTH Because their are so many of your children who are mothers suffering.

I CALL ABOUT CHANGE LORD. I call about change that we should not have to just go to church to get help because some cant get there.... But everyone of us is aware and conscious and sensitive to this from now on.

That you are raising up servant hearts and prayer warrior hearts For these subjects raised and MORE>>>
Precious Father we all know PRAYER to you is the answer to change LORD.
You said my Burden is easy my yoke is light. MAKE THAT SO For all theses areas prayed for! And I thanks you for it Lord Faithfully. Thank you for blessings all your children Lord especially the ones who have reached out to hurting mothers at this time...

To the mums who dont know you Lord, I call them forth for them to know you.... The King of Kings, The Father of LIGHTS, The husband and savior. Too many names to share my LORD precious Jesus..... You desire for all to know you..... 

Thank you for hearing our prayers we have confidence that we have a high priest in heaven Who goes before you and says YES and AMEN just as the bible says..... and thank you for sending healing to that has been released with all that has been prayed about Father For HEALING is YOUR PERFECT WILL. Thank you for hearing me last year as i prayed and again this year father.

One more thing Beautiful FAther, Let Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven..... RESTORE THAT WHICH THE LOCUST STOLE to these women in JESUS NAME. AMEN

God Bless you Jesus is LORD

Love Lisa and Ethan 

Loves Living Word Ministries

1 Corinthians 1:8

"For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God."

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