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Monday, 1 December 2014

Loves Living Word Ministries New Dream RED SEA 1/12/14

Hello and God Bless you, Welcome to LOVES LIVING WORD MINISTRIES

I felt im to share this dream. I have many and many I dnt share lots,  but this was one for us all to pray on. If you have any more Interpretation then please comment below,

This is one of those. See the Map of the Geographical location of the Red Sea.

 This is where I was taken in the dream!

The DREAM :-

I was traveling on a boat large like craft. It was unlike anything this world, it was from Heaven. It was very modern futuristic and hovered. over the sea.
The sea was RED and there was MIST all over although i could see so mist in lots of place was truly beautiful. Bit like you see the calm before the storm..

I was traveling with another companion Male. I believe The ANGEL of the LORD! . The boat was the HOLY SPIRIT look at Genesis and see The Holy Spirit hovered over the deep in the beginning.

I heard that we had to dock here for a while and stay... wait as there was a storm brewing weather not too great. When i looked out wow.. the sea was red.. everything was red colored... and the MIST was everywhere and it was eve time.

Now the revelation has been given.. Dream...

Interpretation SEA = Masses of people or nations normally. See Jer 51:42,

The RED SEA we see in the bible in Exodus Moses freed the people of ISRAEL from Bondage and slavery.

Hover Boat = HOLY SPIRIT Genesis 1:2

Mist = Holy Spirit James 4:14

Red Sea today ( See Map for Geographical Location today)

Red= Blood of Jesus

Red= Anger warning

Adam means Red blooded man

Red also signifies the sins of men.... and the BLOOD OF JESUS

I believe we have more than three interpretations but we shall look at two that is relevant here.

Many are in bondage and Slavery... The Holy Spirit is brewing.. Hovering over the masses of people. willing ready... but they are unable to see clearly, as weather and storms approach. The need to see they are FREE no more BONDAGE AGAIN TO FEAR!!!!
HE is going no where but staying with the people. so it is UP TO US TO PRAY EPHESIANS 1:17-23 over all those who are not yet ready to see they are free from BONDAGE AND SLAVERY.
PRAY for SALVATION of SOULS>>> all Gods People.. To Rebuke the Storms weather.

The second is The geographical location of the Red sea,,, Have a look at the MAP. The HOLY SPIRIT desires us to pray for the nations involved for protection and for WISDOM REVELATION> For them to accept Him. THE SPIRIT of TRUTH.
Glory to God.. there was no fear while in the hover boat..  was a time of Delay... waiting till the weather got better. There was total peace....  SO we must pray that the storms of life have no choice but to BOW to the name of JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH. and all people of nations involved see JESUS CHRIST.. The SPIRIT OF TRUTH. Pray for the protection of all nations against Blindness... Clouded Vision... Against Delays.. against Immobilization. LOOSE THE SPIRIT OF GOD, WISDOM, TRUTH, BLOOD OF JESUS, Healing of nations.. in Jesus Name Amen..

Join Loves Living Word Ministries in Prayer on the things ive shared

Exodus 14
James 4:14
Isaiah 1:18
Ephesians 1-17-23

God Bless you...

Question is Are you ready for the truth?

Lisa @ LLWM  ENGLAND 1/12/14

1 Corinthians 1:18 "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us who are saved it is the power of God."

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